10 Artists 90’s Kids Will Always Love


Do you remember your younger self dancing to the rhythm of Upside Down by the A*teens? I bet we all do!

Music has always been food for the soul. Even back in the days, music never failed to put us in a good mood and it always had us moving to the beat. 

But of course, we wouldn’t have any groovy songs to sing and dance to if our favorite artists stopped making the music we all know and love today.

So are you ready to press rewind? Let’s take a quick detour to the past and reminisce the top artists that 90s kids will never forget.

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1. A*teens

The A*Teens were a Swedish ABBA tribute band formerly known as ABBA-Teens and was later renamed to A*teens. Upside Down, Mamma Mia, and Can’t Help Falling in Love are just some of the top hits that always knew how to get our bodies grooving.

I bet we still can’t help but fall in love with them even until now!

A*teens band
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2. M2M

M2M is a Norwegian Pop Duo with Marit Larsen and Marion Raven as members. Pretty Boy, The Day You Went Away, and Don’t Say You Love Me were just some of their top hits that gave our younger selves a taste of how falling in love, moving on, and letting go felt.

So mirror hanging on the wall, can you finally tell us who’s the biggest fool of all?

M2M pop duo
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3. Britney Spears

Oops, she did it again!

Singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress Britney Spears always knew how to entertain us! Baby One More Time, Oops I did it again, and Toxic were just some of her singles that topped the charts in most countries.

Her sing and dance video probably started our dreams of having our very own dance career!

Britney Spears singer
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4. Mariah Carey

This American singer-songwriter never failed to mesmerize us with her iconic five-octave vocal range! 

Considered as the Songbird Supreme by the Guinness World Records, Mariah Carey’s singing style and iconic whistling was the reason for the rise of her fame. Her notable singles Always Be My Baby, When You Believe, and Hero makes her one of the greatest and most influential vocalists of all time.

And who could forget her iconic Christmas song “All I Want For Christmas Is You”?

Mariah Carey singer

5. Christina Aguilera

Looks like Aladdin isn’t the only one with a Genie in a Bottle.

American singer-songwriter, actress, and television personality Christina Aguilera is one of the world’s best-selling music artists with R&B, pop, and soul music as her main genres. Her songs Genie in a Bottle, What a Girl Wants, and Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You) made her famous in the teen pop scene.

Christina Aguilera singer
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6. Maroon 5

Sunday mornings became extra better with their jams!

Originally formed in 1994, Maroon 5 is an American Pop-rock band with head vocalist Adam Levine. Sunday Morning, This Love, and She will be loved are just some of the singles that gave us butterflies in our stomachs and made us Maroon 5 fans for life. 

Maroon 5 band
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7. Backstreet Boys

This American vocal group rose to stardom because of their songs that always made sure to make our hearts flutter. Having sold almost 100 million records worldwide, Backstreet Boys is tagged to be the best-selling boy band of all time with their top hits such as I Want It That Way, Everybody, and Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely.

And after years of being in the music industry, they still always want it that way.

Backstreet Boys band
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8. Kelly Clarkson

Product of the famous reality competition American Idol, American singer-songwriter and actress Kelly Clarkson rose to fame in 2002. She garnered 2 Grammy Awards after numerous top 40 radio number-one singles such as Since U Been Gone and Because of You.

Kelly Clarkson singer
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9. Avril Lavigne

With her all-black skater-like outfit and the iconic intense black eyeliner, this Canadian singer-songwriter always knew how to keep us rolling! Who could ever forget her hit track Sk8er Boi, right?

Aside from giving us the rock n’ roll vibes, her songs like Complicated, When You’re Gone and I’m With You also always had a soulful touch about love and friendship. 

Avril Lavigne singer
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10. Beyonce

Now tell me who isn’t crazy in love with this artist?

Rising to fame in the late 1990s as the lead singer of one of the best-selling girl groups in history Destiny’s Child, her hit singles Crazy in love, Baby Boy, and Naughty Girl got all our bodies moving to the rhythm!

Haven’t had enough for this quick throwback? How about a little karaoke night?

Beyonce singer
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