10 Barbie Doll Clothes You Wished You Owned


We all know Barbie. Who doesn’t? She is the most fashionable doll in the world and almost every girl adores her.

One of the greatest joys about having a Barbie doll is the ability to change her outfits all the time. They are often pink, girly and trendy that we just wish we can shrink down and wear her clothes too.

For how many years, Barbie still remains to be a famous female fashion icon that not only little girls look up to, but even grown-ups as well.

Let’s go over some of the best Barbie outfits ever made and be inspired to look your best everyday, anytime, and anywhere!

For over a thousand outfits, here are our 10 picks:

1. Casual Chic Outfit

Combining strong colors and bold detailing. This outfit consists of an ivory cardigan with navy accents, finished with faux pearl buttons and paired with matching shell. Works well with a coordinating jacket and a fitted checkered skirt with a distinctive flounced hem. Touching up with navy stockings, t-strap spectator pumps, stylish gloves and a smartly over-sized bag.

2. Retro Mauve Cocktail Dress

This look features a pouf skirt, slim bodice with off-shoulder sleeves, and a tailored bow at the waist part. Perfectly paired with a satin and organza black hat reminiscent of the 1960’s. Faux pearl necklace and earrings, long black gloves, black pantyhose, black Mary-Jane heels and a black clutch completes this very elegant and retro outfit.

3. London Look

Who says you can’t take a stroll and look fab on a cold weather? Not us!
Simple white shirt, checkered-print trousers, an elegant buttoned coat, ankle boots matched with some gold hoops and an artisan necklace.

This Barbie outfit will surely make you feel like an English girl ready to conquer the streets of London.

4. Black On Black Outfit

This simple yet sophisticated outfit proves that Barbie can rock in black-colored outfits too. This black collared dress, sleek black pouch bag, pointed heels and black sunglasses will surely be a must-have in your closet.

5. Fall Favorite

This is one of Barbie’s favorite fall outfits. This turtleneck, puff sleeve sweater matches the checkered-print trousers well. The comfy black stilettos and matching black and white striped sling bag completes the outfit perfectly. You’ll surely look sophisticated and warm at the same time, preparing you for the cold weather to come.

6. Weekend Shopping Outfit

What could go wrong with the perfect pair of shirt and jeans? Even Barbie, the most fashionable doll in the world agrees to it. This outfit is perfect if you want to go out and shop during the weekends. It’s comfortable, simple, yet it looks so fashionable especially when you wear it with a smile. Be comfortable but still look your best every time!

7. Boho Chic Outfit

Yes, Barbie can also be a Boho chic too. This outfit expresses the hippie free-spirited lifestyle back in the days. Full-length loose trousers, cut-off top, heels and some colorful accessories to complete the outfit.

If you want to unleash that free-spirited girl inside you (just like Barbie) then this outfit can be perfect for you.

8. Date Day Outfit

Of course, first impressions make lasting impressions. If you are going out on a date and you want to look cute, feminine yet formal at the same time, then this outfit is for you.

This long sleeve collared shirt is matched perfectly with a black leather shorts. The pointed white stilettos completes the outfit well. Add up the sunglasses and some red lipstick, and there you have it! A perfect outfit for the perfect first date.

9. Pet’s Day Out Outfit

Taking your pet out on a date? Slip on some jeans, sweater and some white sneakers, and you’re good to go. You should try matching outfits with your pets as well!

10. The Fashion Royalty Outfit

This design is from the 1990s. Long, buttoned jackets paired with knee-length skirts, stilettos, a structured hand bag and lastly some pearls to make the outfit complete.

Sophisticated, elegant and feminine, perfect for you and your barbie.

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