Every person has probably dreamed of the perfect wedding day at least once. Some people want a lowkey ceremony and some want a grand one. One of the many exciting options is to hold the wedding ceremony at the beach. While it’s true that beach weddings look simple, they could be more challenging and expensive.

If you want the best, here are the top 10 beach wedding destinations:

1. Greece (Le Ciel Santorini)

This list will not be complete without mentioning La Ciel Santorini of Greece. A true classic beauty for your big day and truly one of the best beach wedding destinations in Europe. Enjoy a cozy and intimate sunset yacht party after your ceremony.

white structures of houses

2. Hawaii (Sheraton Kanai Resort)

Hawaii is the perfect island to get hitched because it offers impressive beaches and beautiful waves. The Sheraton Kanai Resort in Hawaii is one of the best places to tie the knot for those that love the ocean. You can fully immerse yourself in the island life by serving local delights.

surfing boards in different colors

3. Bora Bora (Four Seasons Resort)

The Four Seasons Resort is one of the famous white sand beaches perfect for weddings in Bora Bora. Palm trees surround the scenic venue, and crystal clear water is accessible through a yacht ride. You can have a grand reception at the Four Seasons Resort to top it off.

multiple cottages on the beach

4. Maldives (Four Seasons Resort)

The Maldives is known for its immaculate beaches located in Maradhoo-Feydhoo. Enjoy a luxurious and private stay as you celebrate your wedding with a picturesque background of the golden beach sunset.

aerial view of multiple cottages on the beach

5. Antigua (Cocobay Resort)

The Cocobay Resort located at the private Carribean Island makes for a picturesque romantic wedding at the edge of the ocean. You’ll need a 7-minute cruise ride to get to the island, a spectacular location for an intimate wedding.

pink hibiscus plant beside pool

6. Seychelles (Four Seasons)

The Four Seasons at Seychelles is the ultimate place to share your wedding vows, located in the heart of Intendance Bay. Stay in their classic villas to celebrate a private, picture-perfect wedding with your closest friends and relatives.

aerial view of the beach with big rocks

7. The Bahamas (Atlantis Paradise Island)

You can find the famous Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Who doesn’t want to get married in the Bahamas? With their beautiful resort, a perfect sunset beach wedding will genuinely make your big day memorable.

aerial view of the beach with two boats on the side

8. Bali (Banyan Tree Ungasan)

Bali is one of Southeast Asia’s pride. The Bantayan Tree Ungasan is known for hosting grand weddings while enjoying the overlooking view of mountains and oceans. A great way to fully experience the company of your friends and family.

aerial view of the ocean

9. Turks and Caicos beaches

Located at the islands of the Atlantic Ocean, you can find a lot of luxury resort hotels to celebrate your big day. You can never wrong with the beaches at Turks and Caicos! This location is the usual place for A-List celebrities to visit.

green palm trees by the beach

10. Phuket (Aquila Luxury Villas)

Another mesmerizing scenic view with beaches and palm trees found on the coast of Thailand. Getting married in their world-class hotel while enjoying their international Thai cuisine for reception food.

rock formations on the beach

These resorts are the best beach wedding destinations in the world, but you don’t have to be limited by the choices above. The important thing is that you enjoy your special day with your to-be spouse, friends, and loved ones.

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