10 Beautiful Beaches Around The World That You Don’t Know About


Want to travel somewhere peaceful and quiet? Where all you could hear is the sound of the brushing leaves and the crashing waves.

Check out these 10 beautiful beaches around the world where you’ll love to be found.

1. Belize

Belize Island
Image From: blueeyedcompass.com

Belize felt like an ‘off the beaten path’ place, where we could truly escape the hustle of our lives and embrace the pleasantly slow lifestyle of the Caribbean.  The country has a unique blend of crystal clear waters, top snorkel and scuba locations, Mayan ruins, tropical jungles and incredible wildlife. 

From: blueeyedcompass.com

2. Aruba

Aruba Island
Image From: mycurlyadventures.com

For an island that is less than 20 miles long, there sure is a lot to do in Aruba! We spent 2 weeks in Aruba to cover the best things to do! Keep reading for a comprehensive list of the top things to do in Aruba! If you’re in Aruba you will do yourself a disservice by only staying at your resort and not seeing everything else it has to offer.

From: mycurlyadventures.com

3. Anguilla

Auguilla beaches
Image From: erikastravels.com

With warm turquoise waters, swaying palm trees and blinding stretches of powdery white sand, it is easy to see how Anguilla gets its reputation as a paradise for beach enthusiasts and relaxation seekers. The 33 beaches on the Caribbean island of Anguilla look as though they belong in the glossy pages of National Geographic or Travel and Leisure. And best of all, despite their international renown, they remain relatively untouched by mass tourism.

Simply put, when it comes to perfect beaches, Anguilla is in a league of its own.

From: erikastravels.com

4. Long Island, The Bahamas

Long Island, The Bahamas
Image From: flyingandtravel.com

As the soles of your feet meet the white sand, you feel the pressures of the busy world begin to melt away.  Your shoulders relax as you take in your first breaths of the warm air.  Time moves at a slower pace here.  There is nothing pressing to do, nowhere that you need to be other than right here, in an unspoilt, natural paradise that feels like it belongs to no one but you.

From: flyingandtravel.com

5. Fernando de Norhona

Fernando De Norhona
Image From: wild-about-travel.com

I heard this countless times while traveling through Brazil and long before reaching this remote island I was curious and wondering why it appeared to be such a coveted destination.

Remoteness certainly accounts for the fascination but there’s much more to Fernando de Noronha’s charm.

From: wild-about-travel.com

6. Bonaire

Bonaire beaches
Image From: acouplefortheroad.com

Bonaire is unquestionably one of our favorite locations in the world, as we’ve written before, for many reasons, and for a small island it’s hard to pick our favorite of the best beaches in Bonaire. One of the main reasons we’re so fond of this small jewel in the Southern Caribbean is its beautiful natural presence, and the numerous beaches that surround its perimeter – each having its own variety.

From: acouplefortheroad.com

7. Zakynthos, Greece

Zakynthos, Greece
Image From: ready-steady-travel.com

Zakynthos is a very special Greek island because it is one of the few which are not overcrowded with tourists yet. The island only covers around 400 km2 and is easily accessible by plane. There are few crowded areas where package tourists go, but there are many corners and places which are lesser frequented.

In general Zakynthos, as all bigger greek island, is touristic. But with my Zakynthos insider tips, you can easily escape the crowds.

From: ready-steady-travel.com

8. Whitsundays

Whitsundays, Australia
Image From: travellintale.com

74 tropical islands, covered in lush green rainforests and epic white sand beaches, with a whole world of color just waiting to be discovered beneath the surface of the perfect blue waters, The Whitsundays are advertised as an unmissable paradise for anyone travelling to Australia’s East Coast.

9. Karimunjawa

Karimunjawa Islands
Image From: beachaddicted.com

Karimunjawa islands are definitely one of most beautiful islands we have seen in Indonesia.

These little blissful islands are a vision of the tropics. Perfect white sand beaches with turquoise water which will hurt your eyes. This amazing hidden gem of Indonesia is definitely a “must” destination to visit. It takes an effort to get there as it’s not very known destination (not yet) but definitely worth it.

From: beachaddicted.com

10. Mahe Islands, Seychelles

Mahe Islands. Seychelles
Image From: versesbyavoyager.com

Mahe Islands in Seychelles is one of the smallest capital cities in the world. White sandy beaches with crystal clear water situated right in the heart of a capital city that exempts itself from the hustle bustle of usual capital cities, this island is a paradise for ocean lovers. Hosting some of the perfect underwater spots, Mahe Island in Seychelles has stunning diving and snorkeling locations. 

From: versesbyavoyager.com

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