New Year’s Eve is a once-a-year celebration where family and friends come together to welcome the new year. If you’re hosting this year’s gathering, you will need to prepare food and drinks.

Here are ten cocktails that you can create for the New Year party:

1. Confetti Champagne

This confetti champagne is something colorful for your friends and family this upcoming New Year. The candy can add a fusion of flavor to the champagne; it’s fun to see and also classy to serve to guests this New Year.  

glasses with clear liquid and confetti on top

2. Bourbon Cocktail

Cocktail Friday is a bourbon mixed with apple cider. You’ll need this classic cocktail to serve to your guests this New Year. All you’ll need are some sugar, bourbon, apple cider, and of course, to top it all of with some rosemary sprig to add that classy look for your cocktail. 

small glasses with liquid mixture inside

3. Figgy Sparkler

You can make a Figgy Sparkler in three minutes. Creative dried figs and orange can decorate the top. Put together some vodka and cranberries for that sparkler effect on your cocktail.

a front view of a glass with yellow color liquid and fruits on top

4. Midnight Martini

The Midnight Martini is an elegant drink that requires a few ingredients. You make this drink by mixing espresso and vodka; it’s a straightforward drink to make, and it’ll be sure to keep the party going until past midnight.  

a martini glass with dark color liquid

5. Strawberry Margarita

The Strawberry Margarita is a feminine-looking beverage. Yet, its flavors are enough to get you all good during the party. You need to blend strawberry, tequila, some lemon juice, and a spoonful of sugar.

top view of a glass with red color liquid

6. Earl Grey Tea Gin

Pour gin into the jar and mix them with the loose leaf tea. Leave this on standby for 3-4 hours to gain that strong flavor at the end of the drink. Strain the tea and mix it well with gin into a bottle with the tea leaves inside.  

a jar with liquid mixture

7. Whiskey + Tea

Boiling water poured into a pretty cup, imagine if someone told you that they’d be having whiskey tea, I doubt you’d believe them. The steps are simple that one can do even with their eyes closed, strain the tea unto hot boiling water, then mix your milk and sugar as desired. After taking a sip, you can enjoy and relax. 

tea cups with brown liquid

8. Pomegranate Thyme Bubbly Rosé

Pomegranate Thyme Bubbly Rose is a popular choice for many during the summer to share this refreshing rose. All you’ll need are fresh and delicious ingredients to complete the entire beverage. From a sweet, simple syrup infusion of pomegranate with seeds and fresh thyme.   

front view of glasses with colored liquid

9. Cranberry Cava Cocktail

Cranberry Cava Cocktail is an elegant drink to serve to your friends during the new year’s eve. Most of the time, people often associate their winemaking with France, but Spain also gives many delicious wines, both sparkling and fizzling. A good example is the Cava sparkling wine, a delightful yet affordable drink. 

four glasses with cranberry on top

10. Spiced rum apple punch cider

Spiced Rum Apple Punch Cider is suitable during the holidays as the flavors create a twist of taste. It’s a fruity drink with a touch of cinnamon; this drink perfectly goes along well with the parties that you’ll have going on during the New Year. 

top view of a glass with liquor

What are you preparing for this New Year’s party?

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