10 Color Schemes That Will Spice Up Your Bedroom

Planning to revamp your dull and lifeless bedroom?

Your bedroom is your safe haven, a place where you spend most of your time sleeping, thinking or just plainly relaxing.

It’s time to spice up your bedroom with these 10 color schemes:

1. Blue and Gray Shades

Mixing blue and gray shades gives off a cool, intimate and cozy vibe for your room. If you are aiming for a minimal concept, the color blue is incredibly muted and can be easily mixed with just a subtle amount darker cool colors.

2. Neutral Shades

These neutral shades include shades of cream, beige, brown (such as taupe, ecru, fawn, and stone) and off-whites. If you want your room to form a vibe of restrained modern soft to high-powered glam, then this is the perfect shade for you.

3. Pink, Peaches, and Coral Shades

Elegant and sophisticated, with soft feminine touches. This scheme uses the strongest shades of pink, large swathes of beige and white on the walls, windows and floor. With a few touches of exquisite lighting and a beveled mirror to further elevate the design, you’ll have the fairy tale bedroom you’ve always dreamed of.

4. Teal and Minty Green Shades

This scheme uses mint green, seafoam green, pale blue and shades of grays. The hints of gold make pretty good accents for a feminine room. This palette gives off a serenely aquatic vibe, making you feel like you live next to the beach. Perfect for beach lovers.

5. Forest Green Shades

Of all the colors, green is the best color for a bedroom. It has elements of both cool and warm and when played well it can create a very earthly vibe, which is good for your eyes and mind as well. If you want to feel in one with nature all the time, this color’s for you.

6. Dark Monochrome Shades

Dark shades can be tricky to play with. If you want to have dark shades for your bedroom always balance it with white or bright-colored elements (can be your furnishings or pillow cases).

7. Yellow Shades

If you want a fresh, fruity and lively vibe for your room, this color scheme is perfect for you. This scheme uses sunny shades of yellow with hints of browns and dark browns.

8. Purple Shades

Purple is a very strong color, and if you want to have a purple-colored bedroom then you should go for the softer purple shades. Lavender can be the perfect shade for you, it holds its regal presence but it doesn’t overpower the room. You can still achieve a cool and calming vibe for your bedroom.

9. Red Accents

Red works well with white for a bedroom. Red is a very active color and it can pop out well. That’s why it’s best if you can tone it down a little bit with some white and pink shades.

10. Plain and White Shades

This scheme is perfect for minimalist lovers. Put out some whites, creams, with a hint of gray shades, add up a few indoor plants and minimalist furniture, you are good to go. If you are into modern living and you want a clean, sleek and natural environment, then these shades will be your best choice.

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