10 EASY Ways To Memorize Anything


Memorizing doesn’t have to be hard. 

Whether it’s a long grocery list or a 10-minute speech, there are dozens of “tips and tricks” to help you memorize easily. 

I’ve tried over 20 of these tips and tricks, but let me tell you this: only 10 of them were effective

Let me share to you what these 10 tips are.

Okay, ready?

10 EASY Ways To Memorize Anything

1. Eliminate Noise And Stay Away From Distractions

You only need 15-30 minutes to be in a place of focus. 

But for you to reach that place, you have to clear your internal (mind) and external (environment) surroundings from any distractions.

Here are 10 things you need to avoid to stay focused:

  • Unnecessary noise – 40hz gamma or “productive music” is fine 
  • Untidy surroundings – clean your workstation before everything else
  • Your phone – if you need it, make sure you turn off your notifications
  • Games – games are one of the biggest distractions in the world
  • Blue light – this light may cause headaches, eyestrain, and eye fatigue. 
  • Other people – having someone in the room is subconsciously uneasy
  • A hungry stomach – you wouldn’t want to be thinking about food at this time
  • A full stomach – you won’t be able to think straight when you’re full
  • Lack of sleep – less than 6 hours of sleep? Your mind won’t be able to focus
  • Dehydration – always have a glass of water beside you

2. Be Realistic And Specific With Your Goals

If you’re not sure of what you want to achieve, you’ll only be going back in circles and ultimately waste your time. Aimlessness will get you nowhere.

So set a goal for yourself, write up a process/plan to achieve that goal, organize/structure your plan…

…Then WORK on your plan! 

3. Set A Time Limit For Each Of Your Tasks

Setting time limits will stop you from procrastinating because having set deadlines make you subconsciously disciplined, and it literally forces you to take action.

The fact that you only have a few minutes of work and that there’s a “rest period” (a reward) afterward, encourages you to be serious with your work. 

4. Say What You Want To Memorize Out Loud.

When you read with your mind, only your brain and eyes are engaged. 

But when you speak, your lips, your ears, and your face muscles are engaged as well. This active involvement is what will help you in memorizing things better.

5. Visualize What You Have To Remember

Visualize what you’re trying to memorize by organizing it in a picture. 

Just like reading out loud, this association of sensation is what will make you memorize things better.

And the best part about visualization? It’s that for most people, vision is the strongest memory cue.

6. Structure And Build Imaginary Folders

Organize your thoughts. Break up information into parts, then break those parts into subparts. 

Always think about how you can systematize your work to make things easier and simpler for you.

7. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.

Repetition is the best way for information to stick long-term.

10 EASY Ways To Memorize Anything

8. Make It Fun

Memorizing can sometimes be a dull and boring process. But it doesn’t really have to be that way. 

Make memorizing fun and interesting by mixing things up a bit – make a puzzle, write a song or reward yourself with every small win.

Remember: You can memorize faster and make information stick long term if you incorporate happy emotions into your learning process.

9. Find A Good Time To Focus

Everyone has an optimal time for work. Some people work best in the morning, while others work best at night.

The key here is to find a time each day when you’re at your optimal self. 

10. Be Calm 

Pressured to memorize something? Have a deadline you have to meet? 

You can’t focus if you have other things on your mind. Forget about them and simply concentrate on the task at hand. This way, you’ll be living in the present and you’ll be able to fully internalize what you’re trying to memorize.

10 EASY Ways To Memorize Anything
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