10 Ed Sheeran Songs That Make You Fall in Love


Falling in love is easy.

Especially when you add a little background music with Ed Sheeran songs!

Here are the Ed Sheeran songs that never fail to make you fall in love every single time. 

1. Lego House

After all the things you’ve done, who would you love better now?

Lego house is a song by Ed Sheeran released back in November 2011. It was also Sheeran’s first song that made BBC Radio 2 playlist.

The music video even featured the Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint because of their similarity in appearance.

two white lego toys

2. Tenerife Sea

Did you know that he wrote this song while he was in Nashville, Tennessee?

This song was released by Sheeran in 2014, as part of his X (Multiply) album.

And he wrote this love song with the title Tenerife which is found in the Canary Islands of Spain. According to him, the color of his girlfriend’s eyes is as blue as the seas in Tenerife.

blue ocean

3. Thinking Out Loud

This song was written by Ed Sheeran with his friend Amy Wadge whom he was friends with since he was 17 years old.

Wadge admitted how her visit to Ed Sheeran’s place wasn’t supposed to be a songwriting session. Not until Wadge played some guitar chords while Ed was in the shower!

Ed’s attention got caught with the guitar chords Wadge was playing, thus the creation of the song Thinking Out Loud.

Sheeran and Wadge said the lyrics of the song talked about “everlasting love.”

4. Cold Coffee

Have you ever compared the one you love with cold coffee in the morning?

The song cold coffee is a track that is also composed by Sheeran along with Amy Wadge.

It’s part of the album Songs I Wrote with Amy.

a mug in the window

5. Wake Me Up

Wake Me Up is a song that tells us about the pure feeling of being in love with someone.

It also talks about the small things that make relationships work like watching Shrek DVDs twelve times and playing video games with your girlfriend’s brother – which was mentioned in the song.

a couple riding in a carousel

6. All of the Stars

Who could ever forget the famous movie The Fault in Our Stars?

Yes, this song was part of the Official Soundtrack. 

Sheeran mentioned that this song was inspired by the entire plot of the movie, where the film was about a teenager dying of cancer who falls in love with another teen cancer patient while dealing with the importance of love while facing death.

a silhouette of a couple under a starry night

7. Give Me Love

This song was in Sheeran’s + (Plus) album.

This song speaks of missing something from a relationship while being unable to speak about it. But still, love is undeniably strong and still there.

a silhouette of a lady wearing a cap

8. Photograph

This ballad song derives its musical arrangement from acoustic guitar, piano, and programmed drums.

Sheeran mentioned how this song was inspired by the long-distance relationship he experienced while being away from his girlfriend while he was traveling because of his concert tours. 

I guess couples in long-distance relationships could use this as their theme song from now on!

photographs of a couple and a pug

9. Perfect

Perfect is the first song Sheeran wrote for his third album.

Sheeran admitted that the song was about his girlfriend in high school whom he reconnected with when she was in New York.

In an interview, he also mentioned how he treats Perfect as the best love song he wrote in his career (and was written for the intention of beating his single Thinking Out Loud.)

a couple happily running together in the field

10. Kiss Me

Sheeran mentioned how this song is about two best friends who fall in love where the boy falls in love first where it takes the girl a while to feel the same way. 

But still, the girl falls in love at the end too.

He also mentioned that this song was about his godparents.Can’t get enough with the Ed Sheeran fever? How about a karaoke session?

a couple smiling at each other on a snowy forest
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