Thanksgiving is a great holiday to celebrate with your family and friends. Each household has its own tradition and style, but it’s never too late to incorporate new ideas. If you’ve been looking for more ideas to improve your table designs, you can check out our list.

Here are the ten festive dining table options for your Thanksgiving:

1. Black, white and gold with calligraphy

If you want to add a unique and personalized touch to your decorations, you can add calligraphed placemats. For a better experience, you can write down what you are thankful for in the person assigned on that seat. Complement this setup with checkered and neutral-colored table additions.

black, white and gold with calligraphy dining table setup

2. Low-saturated look with low candles

Add pale-looking pumpkins and pears on the table. Couple the veggies with pale green or grey table cloths, and small candles. The low saturation will make the candles stand out. You can accent this setup with cute vibrant red and orange colors.

green leaves  and vegetables with white tablewares

3. White and gold

Gold is an excellent thanksgiving color. If you’re looking for something different, you can go with a minimalist white and gold setup. The white table cloth will make the colors of your utensils and dinnerware stand out.

gold and white dining table setup

4. Rustic garden look

This classic dinner table look is leveled up by the fake grass in the middle mounting the food, fruits, vegetables, candles, and decors. Your dining table will look like a garden with minimal effort.

rustic garden look dining table setup

5. Autumn with emerald green accents

Fall themes are great for table setups. The dark emerald green table cloths and accents can help the yellows, oranges, and reds stand out.

autumn leaves with emerald green color accent dining table setup

6. Modern, clean white look with small fruits and veggies

If you don’t have a lot of time to set up your table, you can do with a minimalist look. If you have a white wall, then you can use a white table cloth to enhance the design. You can accent the table with flowers, small vegetables, and fruits.

modern, clean white look with small fruits and veggies

7. Orange fall theme with sculptures

You may have a lot of autumn-themed artworks lying around the house. These may come in the form of orange-colored pieces such as roosters, vases, candleholders, and artificial leaves. Add them to your table for that festive vibe.

orange fall theme with sculptures

8. Red fall theme with fruits and candles

If you want your light-colored food, dishes, and bowls to stand out, you can use a red fall theme on your table setting. The dominant colors will contrast the lighter ones. Accent the look with candles and fruits.

red fall theme with fruits and candles

9. Warm colored Autumn theme with candles and letters

The letters on your candles can substitute oversized decors. Make the table setting more festive by creating a motif of reds, oranges, greens, and golds.

warm colored autumn themes with candles and letters

10. Rustic Autumn theme with orange glassware

This theme captures the simplicity of rustic design with the brilliance of orange glass. You don’t need to have an elaborate setup, just some small candles to make the orange glassware radiate a glow. This classic look goes well with wooden placemats and wicker baskets.

rustic autumn theme with orange glassware

Which table setup do you like best?

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