Harry Potter is one of the most well-loved books with a cult following. The Harry Potter series has had some exciting mysteries and secrets that the author was kind enough to uncover. If you are a fan, read more to discover some facts you probably didn’t know.

Here are ten facts you probably weren’t aware of:

1. The original maker of the Horcrux was Herpo the Foul

Herpo the Foul is a Greek, ancient dark wizard. He was the first-ever known wizard to create a Horcrux and breed the first Basilisk successfully.

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2. Professor McGonagall used to be a skilled Quidditch player herself

Professor McGonagall was the one who discovered Harry Potter’s talents in Quidditch. She cheered on every game that Gryffindor played. As it turns out, the great Professor McGonagall played in the Gryffindor team back in her days at Hogwarts. Her playing years stopped when she had an ugly fall during the finals game of Quidditch Cup between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Now you know why she has a keen eye for talented players.

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3. Tonks and Lupin were not supposed to die

During a couple of interviews given by Rowling after the release of book seven, she confessed that she intended to keep both Tonks and Lupin alive. However, she had a last-minute change of heart. This revelation makes you wonder what could’ve happened if they didn’t die!

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4. JK Rowling was supposed to kill off either Hermoine, Harry or Ron Weasley

One shocking fact is that one of the main characters were initially supposed to die. Indeed, Rowling made another confession about highly contemplating on killing off Ron and later decided against it. Thank heavens she didn’t because Ron Weasley is such a sweetheart.

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5. Invisibility cloak doesn’t work on Dumbledore, and he could see Harry

Dumbledore secretly chants “homenum revelio,” casting the ‘reveal any human presence’ encantation. Because of his silent spell, Dumbledore can detect Harry even when wearing his invisibility cloak. He was always looking out for Harry, literally.

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6. Voldemort and Harry are distant relatives

You can trace Harry and Voldemort’s bloodlines back to the family of Peverell. Then again, most wizarding families in the Potterverse are often related.

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7. The unemployed Dementors

The moment Kingsley Shacklebolt became the head of the Ministry of Magic permanently, he then banned any use of Dementors from guarding Azkaban and anywhere else inside the wizarding world. 

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 8. Hufflepuff is J.K Rowling’s favorite

Even though House Hufflepuff is known for being too sweet, Rowling admits how much she loves and appreciates the said house. That probably Hufflepuff has Harry’s love interest, Cho Chang and the original Triwizard tournament representative for Hogwarts, Cedric Diggory.

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9. Rowling wrote the names of Hogwarts houses while on the plane

Ideas can indeed come out of nowhere without warning. J.K Rowling thought about and named the Hogwarts four houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw) on the back of her airplane barf bag. Rowling didn’t want to forget the names, so she wrote them down on the plane.

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10. Helena Bonham Carter kept Bellatrix’s teeth

The actress admits she kept Bellatrix fake teeth as a souvenir. It was only proper because the dentures were custom made only to fit her.

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