The new year is an exciting time for everyone who ever wanted to start fresh, and these led to traditions and superstitions from all over the world. These beliefs helped many people hope for the best in the coming new year.

Here are the top ten superstitions for the new year celebration:

1. Eat 12 grapes at 12 am

Twelve grapes represent the 12 months in the year, and they say that if you toss a piece of grape in the air and catch it in your mouth, you must make a wish. It will give you good fortune in the new year. 

grapes on a bowl

2. A rooster predicts your love life

This belief originates on Belarus as they believe that women without having any partners are to form in a circle and sit down as they put corn kernels on their hands. They place the rooster in the middle, and whoever’s hands it pecks off the corn from will be the first to get married from the group.

red and brown rooster

3. Burn a scarecrow

They have a belief in Ecuador that as soon as the clock strikes midnight, families are to head outside so that they may burn paper stuffed scarecrow. It symbolizes everything terrible that has happened to you this year and burning it will mean to scare away the negativity in the new year. 


4. Make noises

Most countries have a superstition that if you make noises during midnight on New Year’s Eve, people believe that it will scare away the misfortune and all bad omen that there is to come near you in the coming new year.


5. Fill Your Cupboards

Before the year ends, make sure to check your cupboards and your jars. They believe that starting the new year with bare cupboards and empty containers is a bad omen. Always make sure that you have everything restocked before the year ends.  

cupboards full of goods

6. Carry an empty suitcase

In Colombia and Mexico, people walk around with their empty luggage at midnight on New Year’s Eve. According to the superstition, this stroll will give them a new year filled with adventure and further travels. So don’t be afraid to take a little walk with your suitcase in the new year. 

suitcase full of things

7. Eat black peas and collard greens

Southern United States locals strongly believe in their superstition that during New Year’s Eve, one should eat colored green vegetables and black beans. The greens are said to bring you dollar bills, and the black beans give are the cents. 

cooked vegetable on a plate

8. Open your doors

During New Year’s Eve, all entries in the house should be open. People believe that it is a way to let the old year escape unimpeded, it should be gone so that the New Year can come in. You keep doors open so that you can assist the past year out. 

an open french door

9. Kiss someone at midnight

Kiss someone at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Tradition explains that when the clock hits twelve, it’s time to give someone that special New Year’s kiss. The prevalent belief that by doing so, you will have luck this new year in love. 

a couple kissing

10. Put cash in your wallet

People believe that starting the new year with an empty wallet is a bad omen, it is like welcoming misfortune to your life this coming new year. That’s why never empty your bags or wallet even if it’s just a cent because by doing so, you are welcoming abundant fortune into your life this new year.

a man putting cash in the wallet

Which superstition are you going to do this coming new year?

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