10 Reasons Why Journaling Can Make Your Life Happy


Growth begins with self-discovery and journaling can help you through it.

Journaling is more than just a trend. It helps you get in touch with your inner self better and it can also lead you to live a happier life. 

How? You may ask.

Let me tell you about it.

1. Journaling helps you keep memories

We all want to keep memories no matter how big or small they may be.

Through writing, you can preserve treasured moments you never want to forget in your journal and you can document these events in detail.

a woman reading a journal with two pasted photos  and a camera

2. Journaling makes you express yourself

Through a journal, you can express yourself through writing.

You don’t have to worry about other people’s opinions going against yours. Your journal becomes your private corner where disagreements don’t exist. 

When you write (or draw) in your journal, you can even lay down your personality without having to worry about what other people have to say.

Now, you can flaunt the real you.

3. Journaling allows self-dialogue

Journaling is therapeutic.

It allows you to explore and discover the depths of your being. It gives you all the time in the world to meditate, reflect, and weigh out all the things that are bothering you.

Journaling allows you to know yourself more.

a journal with drawings and notes

4. Journaling sparks creativity

Your journal is a bank of your ideas.

Just like a blank canvas, journaling allows you to create from scratch. You’re free to make essays about certain issues, you’re free to write poetry, and you’re free to even design your journal the way you want to.

a lady writing her journal

5. Journaling helps with personal growth

When you journal, you can push yourself towards growth.

Being able to discover yourself better is something journaling can do for you. It allows you to be able to learn from your past experiences and helps you move forward.

In short, journaling leads you to progress.

a journal with scheduled tasks

6. Journaling makes you track important decisions in life

Journaling allows you to document your life milestones.

Whether it was a decision to get married, move to a new country for a job opportunity, or open your dream business, all these things are big aspects in your life that you never want to forget. And of course, you would also want to remember every single moment that led to that decision, do you?

a  journal and a yellow marker

7. Journaling helps you plan out your life

When journaling, you allow yourself to be in solitude and while you’re in solitude, you can reflect and write down all the things you want to achieve in life.

You can also write down your short and long term goals and this will serve as a guide for you.

Other than setting up a life plan, it also helps you check and see how far you’ve gone in reaching these goals.

8. Journaling helps avoid stress and depression

Journaling helps you vent out all your frustrations in life through writing.

This is a huge help in releasing unwanted feelings caused by life’s problems and inconveniences. 

a lady writing her journal in a forest

9. Journaling can help you improve your writing skills

They always say that practice makes perfect.

And, what better way to improve in something than by doing it every day, right?

Having a journal helps you improve in sentence and paragraph construction and it even helps you take note of the correct spelling of words.

You wouldn’t want to read something written so poorly, don’t you?

10. Journaling can give a new meaning to your life

It’s amazing how journaling can lead us to stop living our day to day lives blindly.

Keeping a journal helps you become extra conscious of what’s happening in your life and with everything that is happening around you.

Aside from looking out for interesting content to put inside your journal, you begin to see all the beauty in little things.

You start to be more grateful for everything that comes around your way.

And above all, it puts you in a disposition to keep loving life and gives you all the reasons to say that life is indeed good.

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