10 Reasons Why Your College Friends Will Always Be the Best


College friends are the best set of friends you’ll ever make in your whole life. 

Not only did they make school a little more interesting, but they also made our lives a whole lot better.

And that’s not it. 

Keep your eyes peeled because I’m about to list down more reasons why!

1. Your college friends were there for you when you didn’t know what to do with your life.

Some people might already have a vision of where they want to end up in the future. 

But for some of us, we entered college without a clue of what to do with our lives.

But at least you had people to walk with you on that journey, right?

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2. Your college friends know how you work

Back in college, we had a ton of schoolwork to do and group projects and some of these group projects had us working with our college friends, so they have seen how we work. 

Out of all the people you’ve met in college, this circle of friends knows your strengths and limitations and they have been there to guide you to improve and succeed.

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3. Your college friends have seen you fail

Your college friends have seen you on your worst days.

Failed an exam? Screwed up a project? Name it and they’ve seen it all.

But no matter what the reason was, they were always there to be a shoulder to cry on and a clown to give you a big laugh afterward. 

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4. Your college friends saw you fall in love

Getting the butterflies in your stomach?

Your college friends have seen it all!

These friends of yours have seen you get a crush on someone (and somehow end up with them).

And through it all, they’ve been your cheerleaders giving you nothing but unending love and support! 

5. Your college friends have seen you get your heart broken

Falling in love in college can’t always be all about the butterflies.

Sometimes, it could be heartaches, too. 

And because your friends are always there for you, they’ve seen you frustrated or crying your eyes out heartbroken from a break-up.

And just like your favorite superhero, they always come to the rescue bringing you your favorite ice cream flavor to cheer you up.

6. Your college friends have seen your craziest side

We’ve all had our crazy moments and your college friends have seen you in your silliest!

They’ve seen you laugh out loud because of embarrassment and they’ve seen you make a fool out of yourself.

But whatever it was, they never judged you. They were always game to join your vibe and give you a big laugh.

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7. Your college friends practically live at your house

Finishing a project late at night? Studying for a major exam the next day? This probably all happened in your crib!

Your college friends have spent countless nights of sleepovers at your house, making your home the central hub of all school work.

They walk around your house like they own the place! And for the record, your family even treats them like family, too.

8. Your college friends were there for you when you got your life figured out

After spending at least 4 years in college, you should at least have an inkling of where you want to go after graduation – which company to apply to, which postgraduate school to attend, or which country to move to. 

And compared to when you and your college friends first met, you’ve all come a long way.

But the best part about this is that they were all there with you throughout this journey. 

9. You and your college friends dreamed together

The hardest thing about college is the fact that no matter how many years you’ve spent together, there will always come a point where you have to part ways.

And there you will find, that all of you have finally figured out what to do.

No matter the difference in the paths you all want to take, the best thing about it will always be how you became each other’s support system.

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10. Your college friends have been your biggest support system

This brings us to the best part of your college friends.

There will be no other kind of support system like the one you have in college.

They were there for you through your ups and your downs, and through your highs and lows without the judgment.

They are your tribe and they’re always down for you whatever it is.

Missed your college buddies while reading? How about a little karaoke night to catch up?

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