10 Reasons Your Dad Will Always Be Your Hero

Who is your favorite superhero?

Spiderman? Batman? Superman? It could be anyone!

But, there’s no one else like your dad.

Take a look at all of the reasons why!

1. He is the reason for your strength.

Your father taught you to be strong.

You’ve seen him adapt to whatever life threw at him and you’ve seen how he gets up amidst the downfalls and failures he had to face just so he could provide for you and your family.

A father encouraging her child to cross on the log

2. As a kid, he spoiled you (in all ways mothers could never do).

When we were little, we all had those moments where we would just cry in the corner because mom wouldn’t but the toy that we wanted, right?

But dad didn’t have any of it!

Your dad always made sure he could put a smile on your face and get you everything you wanted (even when mom didn’t agree.)

a father and son laughing with each other

3. Growing up, he was your playmate.

Remember how your dad made you fly up the air?

I bet you did!

Your dad was your first “horsey” and your first tea party guest. 

He played with you wherever you wanted to play – in the pool, the backyard, the playground, you name it!

He never minded being silly just for you, his little girl.

4. He’s your all-around funny buddy.

Before dad jokes were a thing, your dad would do everything just to make you smile or laugh, even if it had to be making corny jokes!

a father and son making a hand sign

5. He makes you feel secure.

Whenever your dad is there, you always had this feeling of security.

Like nothing was ever going to hurt you.

He makes sure nothing goes wrong and that nothing is ever going to harm you.

a father surfing with his son on his shoulder

6. He protects you.

Do you remember getting bullied in 3rd grade and dad was always there to come to the rescue?

Your dad always made sure no one and nothing in this world would cause you pain. And even if something had to, he would make sure you learned from it.

a father and his son smiling at each other while sitting on the street

7. He’s your handyman.

He’s your engineer, your plumber, and your doctor.

He is everything because he knows everything, which makes him your handyman and all-around guy.

a father teaching his daughter to bike

8. He makes sure to provide you with everything you need.

As the family’s provider, your dad makes sure that he gives you all your needs and wants.

He makes sure he sends you to a good school and that he provides good food on your table.

As a father, it’s his mission in life to give you everything you need to live comfortably and succeed in life.

a dad reading a story for his child

9. He taught you to become responsible.

Your father taught you the value of responsibility and accountability for everything you do.

This training he has given you made you a go-getter in life, determined to do anything to succeed.

a father and daughter gardening on the rooftop

10. He would do anything for you.

Your father loves you so much.

He would do anything just to give you everything, so you can grow satisfied and happy!

Not all superheroes wear capes. Your dad surely didn’t.

But all these made him your best superhero on earth!

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