10 Signs That You and Your Partner Should Call It Quits


In every relationship, there’s always a time when couples go through a rough patch.

But rough patches shouldn’t go on forever and they certainly should happen over and over again. So when is it really time to call it quits?

When fights and disagreements come one after the other, your relationship slowly sinks and when it hits rock bottom, it might be too late to salvage the wreckage. 

All relationships are worth saving, but some just become too unhealthy for us to handle.

Is it really time to let go? Check these signs for you to know.

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1. “Us time” turns into “me time”.

Relationships always start with you and your partner never wanting to be apart. Stuck together like glue, you two make sure to go in tandem wherever you go. Whether it’s family reunions, concerts, or parties, you treat these regular celebrations as your time to catch up with each other.

But when the relationship hits a snag, we prefer to be left alone.

And let me tell you, that’s quite alarming already.

2. You choose to spend your free time without them.

It’s a given how young adults are career-oriented. We devote our time 5 days a week (or even more) in making sure everything is in place when it comes to our workplace From deliverables to meetings to project presentations, sometimes we don’t even have time to eat meals. 

But as soon as the weekend comes, we want to spend each waking moment with our significant other.

But now, we choose to spend our free time with our friends rather than our partner. 

3. You are no longer part of each others’ future plans.

We all started our relationships by making plans without our partner for the future. And when they came around, we made a lot of plans with them in the future too. 

Traveling around the world, getting married by the beach, or building up a business. All these things were part of our so-called “relationship” bucket list.

But times have changed and our plans for the future have changed, too. 

4. More disagreements become unresolved.

You both used to fight and make up, but now it seems like both of you are fighting to prove a point.

Instead of listening and trying to understand the other party’s side, all you do is to listen to what they have to say just to brew a “defend speech.”

5. Pride becomes an issue.

When fights come up, pride rises, too.

No one knows how to compromise anymore. Discussions just go back and forth. The fight never stops and all that is left for both of you are issues that have piled up one on top of the other.

Pride becomes an issue.

6. Both of you decide that the solution to fights is breaking up.

While in a relationship, we all want to feel secure and know for sure that no matter how the fight gets, no one lets go.

But somehow, arguments always end with break-up speeches because both of you think this is what’s best to save the good thing that’s left in the relationship.

7. Fights become violent

When handled the wrong way, fights can turn really bad and end up becoming physical. 

And once your partner has laid their hands on you, that’s the moment you know it’s time to back off. 

8. Hate speeches become a thing.

Relationships can’t only be physically violent, they can be mentally and emotionally abusive too.

Hurtful and hateful speeches are said. Gone are the kind, sweet, and gentle words of love and praises you used to shower your partner.

Now, you don’t mind hurting each other and it becomes a contest of who hurts the other more.

9. You don’t care about each others’ routines anymore.

Both of you used to be updated with all the things your partner was up to, but not anymore.

Both of you have forgotten how texts and calls were your means of communication to make sure that both of you know what’s going on with each others’ lives.

But, that’s not the case anymore.

10. Insecurities and anxiousness just pile up one on top of the other

Insecurities and anxiousness come along and it’s hard to stop them from bothering both of you.

None of you are nurturing each other any longer. The relationship becomes draining and all that is left of you is a broken heart.

 It’s time to take a step forward, call it quits, and move on.

Insecurities and anxiousness just pile up one on top of the  other
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