10 Signs You’re Dating a Broken Person


Are you dating someone who has walls built up so high that you can’t breakthrough? 

Getting to know someone new is hard enough, but dating someone while they’re broken is another challenge. These people have gone through emotionally-damaging experiences that have caused them to lose their self-esteem and trust in people.

But if you aren’t entirely sure if they are, here are 10 signs that will help you figure out if the person you’re dating is broken.

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1. They have a hard time handling rejection.

Some of us look at rejection as an opportunity to sharpen our skills, improve our decision-making, and make us better versions of ourselves. With each rejection, we learn to embrace our failures because these are what drives us to be better. 

But with broken people, it’s different. They look at rejection as another anchor dragging them down, hindering their progress.  

2. They’re eaten up by their insecurities.

Broken people focus on their negative traits rather than focusing on how their good qualities can lift them up.

These insecurities stop them from going out into the world and discovering new things because they’re too afraid of what people might think of them. 

they are eaten up by their insecurities.

3. During arguments, they prefer staying silent.

When the going gets tough, they choose to stay silent. 

It’s not because they have entirely given up the argument. It’s because they’ve been through enough arguments to know that exerting their energy on something they know they won’t win is just a waste of time.

4. Their moods shift quickly.

Sometimes, they’re genuinely happy and sometimes, they just feel blue. But most of the time, they’re at their most sensitive state where you have to be careful not to say anything that will trigger emotional distress. 

And it’s hard walking on thin ice and trying to make sure you get that right mix of fun and excitement to make sure date nights don’t take the wrong turn.

Because they’re emotionally fragile, you have to make sure you give them extra love and care.

their moods shift quickly

5. They want compliments.

Let’s face it. It’s normal for two people in a romantic relationship to shower each other with compliments. Whether it’s commenting on a photo that you just “slayed” on Instagram or just simply hugging you from behind and showering you with kisses and compliments. 

But with broken people, compliments ease their mind and reassure them that you still love them and that’s why they are in constant need of compliments. 

6. They hate confrontations.

Broken people find confrontations uncomfortable and draining. Being in these kinds of situations makes them feel like they’re not doing anything right, not even a relationship.

they hate confrontation

7. They avoid issues. 

People with certain issues people tend to be too sensitive. Let’s just say if they cheated in the past, they would avoid talking about anything relating to it.  

These issues may have taken a toll on them in their past and may have changed their attitude and outlook towards things.

Or worse, these untold stories may have led them to be broken.

8. They are always seeking for love and attention.

Broken people love to seek for attention. They want your world to revolve around them. They feel uncomfortable and anxious in little moments when you exert your energy on other things like work, friends, hobbies, etc.

They hate it when they are left alone because it gives them time to overthink things and have extra time to sulk on their life. 

a man seeking for love and attention

9. They always need reassurance.

Broken people are in constant need of reassurance and it may come to a point where they will question you every single day if you still love them because they want to make sure that despite what they are, they are still lovable.

They tend to overlook the little things you do to show that you love them. To them, verbally saying it is the only way that proves that you do, which is clearly not the case.

10. They think their “broken self” will cause the break-up.

Broken people will always think they will be the cause of the break-up because of the emotional demands they require from you.

In their anxious minds, they worry too much, thinking about how they will wreck everything (even the relationship.) They always think that sooner or later, everyone, especially the person that they love the most (you), will give up on them and leave them right where you found them. 

man thinking his "broken self" will cause the break-up

But despite their brokenness, they are still beautiful. 

We love them just the way they are and we would do anything just to make them feel lighter, better, and happy

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