10 Simple Ways to Make Your Mom Happy


To say that a mother’s job is tough is an understatement.

Being a mother is a 24/7 responsibility. 

Aside from taking care of the kids, she has to make sure that she is fully equipped to manage the whole household – from putting food on the table to keeping the house neat and organized.

As the people benefiting from the hard work that she does every day, we should know how to repay her tireless efforts by bringing a smile to her face.

Make your mother happy with these simple steps!

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1. Buy her flowers

Buying flowers may sound cliche and old school, but nothing could be sweeter than giving your mother flowers.

It might seem a little too over-dramatic (and your life isn’t some movie) but giving your mom flowers once in a while can make her feel appreciated after a long day. 

You don’t even need to wait for an occasion to buy her flowers and if you do, it’ll surprise her even more. 

girl buying and smelling the flowers

2. Cook her a meal

Your mother shouldn’t always be the one to do the cooking. 

Sometimes, you should just get that ass to the grocery store and buy the ingredients, and cook a great meal for your mom! 

You could even name the dish after her to make it more special.

girl cooking a meal for her mother

3. Play her favorite song

Music is a universal language.

It always gives the same effect for the young and the old. So give your mom a reason to smile as you reminisce about her younger years when you play one of her favorite hits from the ‘90s!

person playing his mother's favorite song on vinyl record

4. Dance with her

You can always be silly with your mother.

Play a good beat and pull her to the center of the kitchen or any open space in your home and pretend that it’s a dance floor. 

Hold her tight and just groove with her. You’ll be amazed by how your mother can shake that booty! 

You know you got it from your mama!

little boy dancing with his mom

5. Surprise her

Make your mother feel extra special by randomly surprising her – even if there’s no occasion.

You could prepare a simple candlelight dinner for both of you.

And if you’re feeling extra, you could buy her a dress and leave it a paper bag next to her bed before you leave for work with a sticky note saying she should wear it for the night’s dinner.

Whatever surprise that is, it will surely give her the butterflies!

6. Take her out on dates

Dates weren’t made for romantic couples. They can be for everyone so take your mother out on a date.

You could take her to the beach at night. Both of you can walk along the shoreline and get to know each other better by telling each other stories about yourselves. 

You can share stories about your life and about when she was still in her younger years.

I bet she’s going to give you a good laugh bringing you back to the days when all she had to do was sneak out just to have a night out with friends!

a girl taking her mom out on a date

7. Stay with her at home on weekends

Your mother needs cuddles too.

You can do this at home (especially on weekends.) Wear a comfy pair of pajamas and watch a good movie with her with a bowl of cereal if you must! 

You can even do a little karaoke night!

a girl staying at home with her mom on a weekend

8. Keep her updated with new trends

Your mother would highly appreciate it if you could update her with the new trends.

Living in the digital age, I bet there are a lot of things today that weren’t available in her younger years.

Instead of getting annoyed with her countless questions for new technologies, you can teach her instead.

a girl keeping her mother updated with new trends

9. Keep her posted with what’s up with your life

No matter how old you are, your mother will always want to be kept updated with everything happening in your life.

Despite your busy schedule, never forget to tell your mother how your day went, what you’re doing next week, or even who you’re dating. 

Telling her things allows her to still keep on guiding you with life decisions no matter how old you get.

a girl conversing with her mother about what's happening in her life

10. Tell her that you love her every day

And last but not least, don’t forget to tell your mother how much you love her.

These three words may be simple, but it means the world to her!

But aside from just saying it, don’t forget to show it.

There are a lot of ways to make our mothers smile. But whatever it is, more importantly, is that we keep them happy for the rest of their days. 

a girl telling her mother that she loves her
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