Your grocery list often has a long list of food items to buy for your household. If you’re looking for healthy options and better food sources, this article will help you decide among the many things you can find at the store. 

Here are ten superfoods that you need to add to your list:

1. Beets

three whole beets with stem in pink background

If you’re looking for a superfood that’s rich in antioxidants, add beets to your grocery list. The antioxidants found in beets are known to prevent macular degeneration and cataract. Beets can also help lower blood pressure. You can add this staple to your nutritious shake.

2. Nuts and Seeds

Seeds and nuts are healthy snack staples. Various types of nuts have different kinds of benefits for the body. Almonds, walnuts, and cashews are good sources of protein. Seeds are also excellent additions to every meal. Hemp, pumpkin, and flax seeds are rich in Omega 3, and chia seeds have antioxidants and calcium-rich properties.

five jars of nuts and seeds

3. Sweet Potatoes

If you’re familiar with the Korean diets, you will know that most of them substitute their rice with sweet potato. This superfood can be prepared in a variety of ways and flavored according to your preference. You can even fry it with caramelized brown sugar for a sweet treat.

a hand holding brown potatoes

4. Apples

This superfood is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. It’s a diet staple for people who are trying to lose weight. Apples are great for both your brain and body. Add apples to your grocery list because an apple once a day keeps the doctor away.

three red apples  with a printed napkin

5. Green Tea

This kind of tea is known as a superfood because it helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems and harmful cholesterol levels. With proper diet and exercise, drinking green tea aids in weight loss.

cup of green tea and

6. Black Rice

The forbidden rice or noir rice is a superfood rich in Vitamin E and phytonutrients. This staple is known to reduce cholesterol levels and lower heart attack risks. It’s a healthy substitute to starchy white rice.

black grain of rice

7. Carrots

You can eat carrots raw or cooked. This superfood is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants that can aid your immune system. Carrots are great additions in stews and soups.

whole carrots on a black table

8. Broccolis

This superfood has been known to help in fighting cancer. It has protein, calcium. Vitamin C and fibers that aid in digestion. This staple can help reduce your craving for not healthy foods, and it’s a good Vitamin B source.

broccolis in a white strainer

9. Berries

If you have digestive problems or colon issues, you should add berries to your grocery list. Blueberries and cranberries are known to help reduce kidney and gallbladder problems. Drinking cranberry juice will also aid in fixing urinary tract infection or UTI.

bowl of berries in blue background

10. Dark chocolates

It might be hard to imagine chocolate as a superfood, but dark chocolate makes the list! Eat one to two pieces within the week to help promote healthy blood circulation and reduce bad cholesterol. Make sure that you don’t overeat, though!

two pieces of chocolate bars

Which superfoods make your list?

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