10 Taylor Swift Songs That Made Your Teenage Years


Raise your hands if you’re a swiftie!

Well, whether you are (or not), you never missed out on hearing these songs blast on the radio while you were growing up.

Let’s hit rewind and look back on the Taylor Swift songs that made your teenage years!

1. Fifteen

Who could ever forget this song that couldn’t make us wait until we turned fifteen years old just so we could relate to it?

Taylor’s Swift track released back in August 2009, this song was inspired by her freshman year at Henderson High School.

The song is about Swift’s first heartbreak. Throughout this heartbreak, she was with her best friend Abigail Anderson – which explains the reason behind the mention of the name Abigail in the track.

She even asked her best friend’s permission before recording this song.

Thanks for making Taylor hit the charts with this one, Abigail!

2. Love Story

Written and sung by Taylor herself, this song was the lead single of her Fearless album.

This signature song of Taylor was about her love interest who was not quite known by her family and friends. She compared this song to William Shakespeare’s plot of Romeo and Juliet.

The only difference between her song and Romeo and Juliet is that her track ends with a happy ending.

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3. Sparks Fly

This song was part of her third album Speak Now, but she included it in her Red tour setlist.

Receiving a lot of positive reviews from her critics, Sparks Fly marked Taylor’s shift from country to pop genre.

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4. Teardrops On My Guitar

Are you hyped to know where this song’s inspiration came from?

Teardrops On My Guitar was inspired by Taylor’s experience with her classmate Drew Hardwick whom she had feelings for.

Drew was completely unaware of how Taylor felt for him and still kept talking about his girlfriend to Taylor (but our strong Taylor acted as if it didn’t matter.)

Years passed and Drew finally courted Taylor, but she declined.

So much for the twist of fate, we got there Drew. But thanks for another hit song!

5. Today Was A Fairytale

This song was a part of the soundtrack of the movie Valentine’s Day.

In this song, Taylor explains how a magical date would look like.

She gives us glimpses of princesses but connects it to how modern dates would be.

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6. Back To December

Did you know this is Taylor Swift’s first track where she apologized to someone in a song?

Critics speculated that this is actually about Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Taylor Lautner which was later acknowledged by the actor.

The song is considered to be orchestral pop in a genre where lyrics express asking for forgiveness after breaking up with someone.

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7. Mine

This pop song is all about the ups and downs of youthful love.

Swift was inspired to make this song because of one of the boys she had a crush on (which she never named) and her instinct to run away from love.

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8. Our Song

Did you know that Taylor wrote this song for a talent show back in high school? 

She was dating someone at the time and they didn’t have a song, so she wrote one.

The track, accompanied by banjo, was Swift’s first number-one single on a country songs chart.

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9. Everything Has Changed

Everything Has Changed was a song written by Taylor Swift featuring Taylor’s best bud Ed Sheeran.

A guitar ballad with blending folk-pop genre, this song talks about wanting to get to know a better lover.

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10. You Belong With Me

This song was inspired by Taylor overhearing her male friend arguing with his girlfriend through a phone call (well, she improved the story line to turn this scenario into a song.)

The song won at the 2010 Kid’s Choice Awards.

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So much for growing up with Taylor Swift songs we know lyrics by heart, right?

Well, sounds like a perfect time for some karaoke!

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