10 Things To Do When Procrastinating


Admit it. There are days when you just feel like doing nothing.

Work is piling up: things to file, research to do, reports to submit, and all the other important stuff that need to be made. But you just can’t get your mind to commit to any of it. 

Not now, at least. So you end up procrastinating and nothing ends up done… 

Don’t get this wrong. Taking a break is good for everyone, but if at the end of the day you regret getting a break, then it isn’t good for anybody. 

Especially you.

So what if there are ways to make procrastination not such a bad thing? How do you make procrastination worth your while?


Here are some simple, yet worthwhile tips:

1. Learn Something New

Like to cook? Sharpen your kitchen knives and ready up the YouTube tutorial you saved and get to cooking. Have a passion for writing? Take out your pen and a pad of paper (or a tissue lol) and write something, anything.

You’re not getting younger and there are so many things out there you haven’t tried doing yet!

2. Do Something Creative

They say procrastination sparks creativity.

Not doing your tasks clears your mind and opens it up to thinking more creative things. You’ll be shocked, but sometimes it’s when you’re not doing anything that your mind wants to create something. 

So get those creative juices flowing!

3. Get Off Facebook

Many would argue that taking a break means taking a “Facebook break.” 

But if you don’t want your procrastination to backfire on you, then here are three words of advice: Get. Off. Facebook. 

Unless you’re on Facebook for business purposes, then you don’t need to be there at all. Especially not when you’re procrastinating. Trust me… 👀


4. Check On Your Family

When was the last time you talked to your parents, brother, or sister? 

Since you’re not doing anything important (yet) anyway, why not give them a quick call?  It wouldn’t hurt to know they’re alright.

5. Take a Shower

Many people come up with great ideas while in the shower. 

Study shows that getting a warm shower gives us increased dopamine flow in our system, making us a more creative person, however slightly.

So if you’re at home and you don’t feel like doing anything, or that you don’t know what to do – then take a shower. 

If you’re in the office, give the employees’ lounge (if there is) a visit. If there’s none, then simply washing the face clean can help!

6. Take A Journal

One reason why we procrastinate is that there’s just too much going on in our minds. Why not get a journal and write everything that bothers you? 

It doesn’t have to be every day. Just when you feel like not doing anything because you have a lot to think of (unless that happens every day). 
Clearing out your mind can help you focus on the tasks at hand once you’re ready to take them on.


7. Take Time To Reflect on Your Life

With all the things going on in life and all the daily buzz, there’s a big chance that you’ll get overloaded easily. 

So sit down, empty your mind, and drown out all the noises – external and internal. 

Let it be an empty space to think about the important things in life. Answer the “Whys” without worrying about the “Hows.”

8. Plan Out Your Next Move

Instead of deciding between working and not working, while you set aside all your tasks for the day, why not map out how you would like to tackle all of it? Not everything is important, so try to find which ones to prioritize first.  

Which is more important? Which is not that important? Which is urgent? Which is not urgent? Getting a clear outline of all your tasks makes it easier to face them.

9. Try Productive Procrastination

There will be tasks you’ll want to avoid for some reason: it’s tedious, it takes too much time, or it’s boring. 

So don’t do it! Make it your last priority for the day and just “slack off,” you know? Do other tasks instead. 

This way, even though you might seem like you’re procrastinating on one thing, you’re actually being productive in another.

10. Rest

Actually, do nothing. Sometimes, you simply need a break. Just make sure you’re not taking too many breaks and slacking off daily. 

Take a chance to recharge and be ready to face everything head-on. You deserve it.

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