10 Things You Can Do To Kick Off 2020


Every new year comes with new beginnings.

That’s why it’s good to start fresh.

How you may ask?

Well, we’ve laid out the steps for you so you can finally be on the way to the new you!

1. Start Reading

Like what they always say,

Knowledge is power.

Indeed, reading can take you places because of all the things you can learn from it. And come to think of it, it might just open new doors for you to do something new.

a hand lifting a pile of books

2. Own a journal

Start expressing yourself. 

But you don’t have to start showing off the best parts of you to everyone you know.

At the end of the day, your favorite audience will always be you.

Start with a notebook and colorful pens. You can also start collecting little decorations to design your journal. You can also be simple and minimalist if you prefer.

The entire goal of having a journal is to be able to reconnect with yourself more.

Trust me, you owe it to yourself.

So when the time comes, you can express the truest parts of yourself to others. 

3. Get a planner

They say change is the only permanent thing in this world but, having a plan won’t hurt, right?

Get a planner for the year 2020 so you can adapt the attitude of being more organized.

Set your goals and make projects for yourself this year. 

This way, you become more productive too.

4. Project financial expenses

Starting fresh for the whole year also means having a mindset of putting more cash in the bank.

It’s not always about how much you earn, it’s about how you spend it.

Think smart when it comes to your finances and make sure you have a budget for everything.

savings tracker

5. Start your road to fitness

Invest in yourself.

Start your road to fitness.

You can always enroll yourself in a fitness center, or probably start doing rounds of jogging around your neighborhood.

The earlier you begin, the faster you reach your body goals for the year 2020.

6. Learn a new hobby

Allow yourself to try something new.

Learn a new hobby.

No matter how much knowledge you lack, don’t be discouraged. There’s always a first time for everything.

balls of yarns and two sticks

7. Make friends with the past

Getting stuck with the past won’t do you good.

Instead of sulking about everything that didn’t go your way, how about you focus on being happy about everything that is happening in your life right now?

Keep moving forward.

a woman smiling at the mirror

8. Make a big decision

If you’ve always stayed in your comfort zone, this 2020, try taking a risk and make a big decision for yourself.

Is it getting a new house?

Is it getting a new car?

Is it asking out the person you’ve been dying to date?

Heck, life is short. Do what thrills you and makes you happy.

9. Buy new clothes

Dress to impress no one else but yourself.

Buy new clothes and represent yourself in the best way you can. The better you dress, the more power you will feel.

a lady shopping for clothes

10. Have a bucket list

The goal is not to make sure you get everything done by the end of the year 2020.

The goal is to think broader knowing you’re able to do more things you’ve never done.

Create and unleash the more fun and braver side in you by listing down the craziest things you want to do before the year ends.

writing on a notebook

Have you thought about how to kick off your 2020 yet?

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