10 Things You Must Do Before You Travel


Are you planning a trip overseas?

If you are, then it’s not as easy as it sounds. Because before all the fun and excitement, you must organize, prepare, and plan everything you need for your awesome vacation!

Still haven’t prepared your to-do list? 

Don’t worry. We’ve laid it all out just for you so check it out! 

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1. Choose your destination.

Before you go somewhere, you must know where you’re headed to.

The first step to planning a trip is choosing your destination. If you’re looking for a close encounter with the real-life Simba and Nala, how about visiting the Safari in Africa? Or if you’re looking for a splash, you can swim with the whale sharks in the Philippines or just enjoy the cool waters in the Maldives. 

You should always keep in mind that planning your destination is very important. Where you are headed will be the basis of everything you will need to prepare – from the ticket you book to the clothes you pack up until the itinerary you plan for your trip. 

If you’re worried about your expenses, there are always budget-friendly countries where you can visit and have the adventure of a lifetime!

2. Prepare your travel documents.

Passport? Check. Visa? Check. ID? Check.

Wherever you go, always make sure you have all your legal documents ready. Not every country might require a visa, but it depends on which country you are a citizen of. So before each trip, always make sure that your passport and visa are valid.

Also, always keep your valid IDs with you for identification purposes. 

preparing travel documents

3. Book your flight.

Make sure to book your flight ahead of time or during off-peak season. You wouldn’t want to ride in a crowded airplane with babies crying and kids kicking you from the seat behind, right?

Save money, avoid crowds, and spend your trip in total relaxation!

booking a flight

4. Set a budget.

Before you travel, make sure to allocate a budget that will help you get through your entire stay. 

This budget will be used for your hotel accommodation (unless you were able to get really cheap hotel rooms), everyday meals, entrance fees for the sites you choose to go, and of course, your pocket money for your shopping sprees.

And don’t forget! Keep some money aside for emergency purposes.

setting a travel budget

5. Plan your accommodation.

Accommodations are a very important part of the trip because it is where you leave all your belongings and get your sleep after your days ends.

Whichever hotel or guesthouse you stay in will all depend on your budget and its proximity to the locations in your itinerary and there are hundreds of places for you to choose from. You can book them online at Airbnb, Trivago, or Booking.com

Ready to book your home away from home?  

6. Plan your itinerary.

To make your trip more fun and exciting, don’t forget to plan all your site-seeing activities!

If possible, make sure your choice of destinations will help you immerse in the culture of the country you are visiting. Aside from taking all those good selfies and breathtaking videos, it would also be nice for you to really understand and be exposed to the heritage of each place you visit. 

planning an itinerary

7. Research about the place.

Before traveling, always make sure you know enough about the place that you’re headed to. 

Learn its rules and regulations, dos and don’ts, as well as its cultural heritage. 

The last thing you want for your trip is getting into an argument with locals. Or worse, things might escalate and you might end up getting arrested. Yikes!

8. Make a list of things to pack. 

After planning the entire backbone of the trip, make sure you have your list of things to pack.

Write down and organize all the essentials you have to bring to make sure you do not forget anything for your vacation, like your clothes, essentials, and gadgets.

making a list of things to pack

9. Make sure to pack smart.

Sometimes, we might get too overwhelmed with all the things that we have to bring on our trip, especially when we’re too hyped up about getting instagrammable photos with your OOTD.

But, always remember to pack smart. Don’t pack like you’re leaving for a month-long trip when you’re only away for a 5-day vacation. Keep in mind to only bring the most important things (and I bet you wouldn’t want to pay extra cash for the excess baggage, too). 

10. Make sure to secure your phone and internet access.

And finally, make sure you are able to communicate via your mobile devices and other gadgets wherever you are. Before reaching your destination, you may ask the assistance of your travel agency or research ahead about pocket wifi rentals or places where you can buy sim cards to get mobile data.  

Not only is it very handy for posting awesome, real-time photos on social media, but you can also use this to make sure you can communicate with all the people involved in your trip. And of course, you can talk to your loved ones back home and ensure them that you’re safe.Now that you’re all ready for one amazing trip, is there anything we missed?

secure your phone and internet access.
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