10 Unbelievably Beautiful Cities in Europe You Must Visit


The world’s full of wonderful places. But in this article, we’ll focus solely on the wonders you can see in Europe.

Specifically, it’s cities.

So here are 10 unbelievably beautiful cities in Europe that you must visit!

1. Vienna, Austria

famous church or tourist spot in Vienna, Austria

Tastebuds Beware! This top 10 list will make you tuck in your napkin, grab a fork and start to salivate. Vienna is widely known for it’s rich music culture, but its culinary scene is on the rise to share that spotlight. After a week indulging in the diverse food and drinks of Vienna, these were my top finds… Guten Appetit!

Image From: hopscotchtheglobe.com

2. Berlin, Germany

famous church or tourist spot in Berlin, Germany
Image From: escapingreality.co.uk

Berlin is a brilliant destination for a short break. The city is full of modern architecture mixed in with ancient buildings that survived the war.

The history of the city is evident throughout with reminders of its dark past hidden around every corner. From buildings plastered in bullet holes to the eerie Olympic park that still stands to this day. As you explore the city you’ll begin to understand how the city has moved on since then whilst also making sure never to forget its past.

From: escapingreality.co.uk

3. Split, Croatia

overlooking view of the sea in Split, Crotia
Image From: misstourist.com

Split is the second largest city in Croatia after Zagreb, with a population of around 180,000 people.
Do not make the same mistake I made, plan the right amount of days in advance!
If you are going to Croatia soon or thinking about it as a possible option for your next vacation, you should know that Split is a great choice!

From: misstourist.com

4. Bruges, Belgium

famous tourist spot in Bruges,Belgium
Image From: theintrepidguide.com

I had not heard of Bruges nor did I know it was a hot spot for British travelers. After a quick Google image search and chocolate tasting, Bruges’ romantic canals and smooth chocolate left a lasting impression on me that I immediately added it to my bucket list.

From: theintrepidguide.com

5. Budapest, Hungary

famous bridge or tourist spot in Budapest, Hungary
Image From: awaradiaries.com

Budapest is the capital of Hungary & indeed a very beautiful city. In last few years, Budapest has emerged as one of the top destinations for tourists. This is mainly because of the high-quality of life, tourism & transportation. Compared to Western European cities, Budapest is very pocket friendly as well.

From: awaradiaries.com

6. Munich, Germany

famous tourist spots in Munich, Germany
Image From: triptodiscover.com

Munich is much more than just the most epic Oktoberfest destination in the entire world. This city is packed with fascinating history, arts, culture, and food, and it’s also in close proximity to many other iconic sights as well. Thanks to Munich’s central location, you can easily use the city as your home base to explore other parts of Germany and neighboring countries too. Here are the best day trips from Munich to help you plan your vacation.

From: triptodiscover.com

7. Florence, Italy

view from the top in Florence, Italy
Image From: tripstodiscover.com

My favorite thing to do in Firenze is to grab a bottle of wine and some meats, cheese and a fresh baguette and head up to Piazzale Michaelangelo to watch the sunset. It’s the best thing to do with a group of friends or for a date. There is often live music by local artists and the whole vibe is fantastic. Or, if its rainy outside, I will head over to the Central Market or Mercato Centrale and eat upstairs in their delicious food court!

From: tripstodiscover.com

8. Athens, Greece

temple ruins in Athens, Greece
Image From: davestravelpages.com

If you’re planning a trip to Greece this year, be sure to include Athens in your travel plans. The birthplace of democracy and the heart of  Ancient Greece, Athens has plenty of things to see

From: davestravelpages.com

9. Rome, Italy

girl in a girl dress posing in front of a famous tourist in Rome, Italy
Image From: avenlylanetravel.com

Rome is an amazing city that everyone seems to have an innate desire to see.  The Italian allure is powerful enough in itself, but by adding in everything else that Rome has to offer, it makes a trip simply irresistible.

Rome features fascinating history associated with the Roman Empire, the epicenter of the Catholic faith in Vatican City, and the perfect representation of the Italian expression la dolce vita translation, the sweet life.

From: avenlylanetravel.com

10. Avignon, France

famous tourist spots in Avignon, France
Image From: lelongweekend.com

At first glance, it may appear there aren’t too many things to do in Avignon. Indeed, most of the guides I’ve come across include more day trips from Avignon, than information about what to do in the city itself! But if you just want to stay put and enjoy what the city has to offer for a few days, or a few weeks, there’s plenty to keep you busy during a holiday in Avignon.

From: lelongweekend.com

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