Christmas is considered to be the most beautiful time of the year. It’s the year-ender Holiday that brings out your creativity. Did you know that you can decorate your living room with the materials that you find in your garage? If you’re looking for your next main attraction, you can do any of the ones on this list.

Here are the top ten unique Christmas decors that you can make from scrap materials:

1. Christmas tree pompoms from fabric

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas tree design, you can do one made of pompoms. You can make tassels and pompoms from recycled cloths, yarn, and rubber bands. Create a unique Christmas tree design or do the traditional one.

green trees with star-shaped decor on top

2. Winter wreath pompoms from wool

If you want to have a winter wonderland concept for your Christmas ornaments, you can add a wreath made of recycled wool or discarded yarn. You don’t have to worry about using colored threads or materials because you can easily paint them white.

circular shape white decor

3. Christmas snowmen made of socks

You might have worn out and discarded socks. If you don’t know what to do with them, patch them up and turn them into sock snowmen. You can also use colored socks for this.

snowmen made of grey socks

4. Santa stocking from old fabric and denim

There’s a belief that if you put a Santa stocking near a chimney, Santa Claus will fill them up with toys and treats once he visits your house. You can add a personalized touch by using fabric and jeans you don’t use anymore.

santa stocking made from denim

5. Star ornaments from cut out material

Christmas won’t be complete without stars! If you have a Christmas tree and you’re looking for decorations to display, you can use worn-out cloth and discarded or broken buttons. 

different color of star shaped ornaments

6. Angel ornament from an old handkerchief

If you have old handkerchiefs lying around the house, you can repurpose them by creating angel ornaments for your Christmas tree. If the worn cloths are colored, you can paint them white.

angel ornament made from white cloth

7. Christmas mixed media artwork from various materials in a white frame

Christmas decorations sometimes get damaged from storage. You can repurpose these broken decors by creating a Christmas artwork and putting it in the frame. Show your creativity by constructing a collage or mixed media artwork, which you can put up even after the Christmas season ends.

white frame with mixed stones and other materials

8. Cotton Christmas tree

If you have a winter Christmas village display, you can add spunk by adding trees made of cotton, wool, rope or yarn. For additional snowy effect, you can sprinkle with styrofoam, silver confetti, and tissue.

cotton christmas tree

9. Simple tree ornaments from cardboard and yarn

Kids love to decorate the Christmas tree, so you should include a simple kid’s activity into the mix. If you have old cardboard boxes lying around, your children can cut them out, paint them, and decorate them.

star shaped ornaments from cardboard and yarn

10. Colorful wreath from cut out fabrics

You might not have a winter theme, but you can still have a recycled wreath from other materials.

colorful wreath from cut out fabrics

Which Christmas decor are you going to do for the Yuletide season?

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