Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone is excited about the traditional family dinner during Christmas eve. Lovely LED lights are up, and so are the Christmas trees; one more thing left to do is prepare the table. If you haven’t decided on your Christmas eve table decoration yet, we got you covered.

Here are ten unique arrangements for your Christmas eve table:

1.Small Christmas Tree Centerpiece

A simple but elegant centerpiece would be a group of tiny pine trees gathered together displayed with white snow effect. With the right glitter, it can sparkle under your soft kitchen lights. You can have these as a fun craft activity with the kids, or you can buy these at the store.

white table with small christmas trees in the center

2. Jingle Bell Napkin Ring

“Jingle all the way” with these fun DIY napkin rings mixed with assorted glass beads and small bells to hold the napkin in place. 

a printed white napkin with red bells

3. Balls of Fun and Light

Create a beautiful centerpiece by filling a transparent or silver bowl with different types of balls and ornaments. You can have color coordination or have fun with a splash of colors— it’s your choice. Put LED fairy lights over them to add more glam.

red and gold balls inside a clear jar

4. Mason Jar Christmas Centerpiece

Do it the farm style way! A fun and exciting way to impress your guests with your centerpiece is to put together a bunch of uniform mason jars in a crate; you can paint or leave them clear, then decorate it with ornaments like wreath or mistletoe.

painted mason jars in maroon, white and dark green

5. Fresh Christmas Greenery

If you’re a fan of greenery and fresh leaves, this one’s for you. You will also spend less compared to buying Christmas decor from furniture shops.

a wooden table with green leaves and lit candles on top

6. Glass and Candles

Keep it romantic with giant clear glass and oversized candle. Mix and match them with other fun ornaments to make them bright and festive.

glass jars with white lit candles and dry cones

7. Apple Wreath

You can use green or red apples to get the Christmas hue for the Holidays. Attach your apples on the wreath, and gently stick them together using sticks underneath. You can also opt for transparent strings. After Christmas dinner, guests can pick an apple to top their meal.

apple wreath

8.Holiday Sentiments Napkins

Have a different way of giving your guest well wishes with holiday sentiments napkins. You can buy them at furniture stores and usually come in sets of 4. They are classy and soft and you almost don’t want to stain them.

white table napkins with words

9. Reindeer tea light holders

These beautiful and delicate reindeers tea light holders will genuinely set up a stylish mood lighting to keep it dim and intimate. They are available at your local stores so don’t forget to buy one in time for Christmas eve. 

reindeer structure tea light holders

10. Clear glass sparkle

Don’t wanna spend much for the night? Recycle old glass bottles and make them a centerpiece. You can use tinted or clear bottles, fill them with tiny glass balls and top it off with other greenery ornaments.

glass jars with small round blue balls

Which table decorations are you using for your Christmas eve table

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