10 Ways To Be Genuinely Happy


The goal of this article is to help you learn how to be happy, genuinely happy.

So keep reading. I hope you enjoy this content!

To start, let’s break some stereotypes: A LOT of people think happiness is “the result,” but in reality, happiness is simply a state of mind.

“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.” – Dale Carnegie

10 Ways To Be Genuinely Happy


It is scientifically proven that exercise makes us happier.

One of the main reasons why exercise makes us happier is because of what it does to our brains, like releasing endorphins that trigger positive emotions.

Other reasons why exercise will make you happier is because exercise:

  1. Gives you more energy
  2. Makes you feel less stressed
  3. Boosts your confidence
  4. Helps you sleep better
  5. And many more!

So the next time you’re feeling unhappy, go and get some exercise!Not only will you be happier, you’ll be healthier as well.

Is that all? Nope.

Exercise is one of the best ways you can distract yourself from what’s happening in the world. For example, when I jog, I don’t think about work, or the problems I have at home. In fact, I don’t think even try to think about anything.

I’m simply at peace with myself.


Sleep plays a critical role in our health and in our well-being.

There are a lot of reasons why we should sleep, but one of the most important reasons is its impact on our happiness.

Lack of sleep affects us both mentally and physically.

It impairs our memory, alertness, and judgement. We won’t be able to think straight to accurately assess the things happening around us, we become cranky and moody to the people around us, and our bodies slowly become weaker.

You can’t be happy if you’re exhausted.

So always remember to sleep!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The quality of your sleep, the time you sleep and how long you sleep will affect your mood when you wake up – and believe it or not, this makes a HUGE difference to your day.

After a few hours of research, I’ve found that the ideal time a person should go to sleep and how much sleep that person needs highly depend on the age of that person.


Relationships affect some of our strongest emotions.

When our relationships are positive, we not only feel happiness, we also feel satisfaction and content. When relationships are negative or absent, we feel loneliness, jealousy and grief – literally the opposite of happiness.

So build strong relationships!

Eat dinner with your spouse and tell them how much you love them. Go out with your business partners and tell them that you appreciate them. Catch up with your friends and show them how much you miss them.

Never take your loved ones for granted. Always remember that being a part of something bigger than yourself (e.g. a family) will make you feel happy.

“Love is the key to a happy life.”


Smiling improves our mood, makes us feel better, and helps us think clearer, which in return, makes us happier. BUT, smiling is only, truly effective when it’s backed with positive thoughts.

This study indicates that “smiling for the sake of smiling can lead to emotional exhaustion and withdrawal.”

However, with what psychologists call this the facial feedback hypothesis, fake smiling can still reduce distress caused by unpleasant events because of embodied cognition.


Meditation is the single, most effective way to be happy.

It literally has countless of benefits. Meditation helps you:

  • Improve your focus
  • Reduce anxiety and stress (based on countless of studies)
  • Rewire your brain so you can have a clearer and healthier mind
  • Sleep better, deeper
  • Get rid of stress (say goodbye to stress eating!)
  • Relax your mind and body
  • Enhance your love life
  • Have more clarity
  • Understand people more (empathy and compassion)
  • Improve your social skills
  • Enhance your self-awareness and attention (no more impulse buying!)
  • Have inner peace

And that’s not even half its benefits, There’s SO MUCH MORE!



Gratitude is strongly associated with happiness. It helps you shift your focus on the positive things in life.

Here’s an exercise you can do when you’re having a bad day: Be thankful for 37 random things.

“Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. “

Harvard Health Publishing

When you express gratitude, you’ll feel positive emotions which translates good vibrations to the universe. These vibrations will help you attract what you are thinking of into your life and alter the reality around you.


Did you know that eating healthy food boosts our happiness faster than it improves our health?

According to this study, physical improvements from eating fruits and vegetables happen at a later time. However, improvements in psychological well-being happens faster.

So when you’re feeling lonely and sad, don’t forget to eat healthy food!



How do you see yourself 5 years from now? What will you own? What will you have achieved? Who are you gonna be with? Where will you find yourself?

Having a clear vision in life will make you happier because You have a destination.

You’re not lost. You’re not “just living.” You’re not stagnant.

When you have a vision, you have a sense of purpose – a meaning to why you’re alive. It’s the reason why successful people are so energized and motivated all the time.

We all have something we want to achieve. Be clear with what it is and do your best to live it someday!


How can you enjoy life and be happy if you’re not working on your dreams?

It’s hard for some of you, sure. But don’t ever let hardships become the reason why won’t try. Go and seek personal growth.

You only live once, so do what you want to do.

Push yourself beyond your comfort zone, overcome your fears and go head first towards your dreams. Other people’s opinions won’t matter in the end anyway.

If you’re looking for validation or permission, then let this be it.

Go and reach for your dreams. I believe in you.


We all have things to worry about. But worrying makes us focus on the negative: troubling things that may or may not happen.

There’s really only a few things you can do in this kind of situation. Plan a solution and take action. Decide to let go and focus on the present moment.

Happiness isn’t instant.

But if you choose to always take action: to follow what you’ve learned, to always look at the positive things in life and to be thankful for everything that you have, then you’ll eventually be happy.

Genuinely happy.

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  1. Totally agree with you. Actually, it frustrates me when people don’t understand the power of exercise, so it made me really smile that it was the first one on your list!

  2. Thank you for this. Reading through this post helped to put aspects of happiness into perspective for me. I have found that genuine laughter and smiling really does help trigger happiness. Also, #8 Have a Clear Vision in Life is so important! I’ve found that sitting down and constructing a plan for my future really helps. Having small stepping stones makes progress feel easier to achieve. Awesome post! 😁

  3. I really love how you written them so beautifully. I was searching for happiness from the outside world, but actually happiness can be grasp from within me when I fully invest the time for myself. The thing that I wanted to change now is be better in planning my days.

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