10 Ways to Be Productive Throughout the Day


Being productive isn’t as hard as it sounds. 

Truth be told, it’s as easy as ABC and with the right mix of motivation and positivity, I’m sure you can do it!

Want to know how you can be productive throughout the day and achieve your short and long term goals 10x faster than you already have?

Let me tell you. 

1. Waking up early

When the sun rises, it’s time to start being productive throughout the day.

If your body isn’t used to waking up early, set an alarm so you can practice waking up early every day. 

With an early start, you’ll have more time to do the things you need to get done and you can also end the day earlier. 

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2. Have a to-do-list

Having a to-do-list helps you keep track of everything you have to accomplish so you never miss out on anything.

And of course, having this guide makes you work much faster because you don’t need to stop and think about what to do next.

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3. Organize your things

Time is of the essence. 

Being organized is a part of being productive because if we keep our things in order, we’ll know exactly where our things are when we need them and we won’t have to waste time looking for them. 

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4. Save important contacts

Just like organizing important things to help us use it as soon as we need it, saving important contacts in your phone is a huge help when we need to reach out to people we need (especially when you need their help/expertise in completing a certain task).

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5. Set small goals

We can’t just go through our day walking blindly.

We need directions and that is where our daily small goals come in.

It could be fixing that broken door at home, completing your report for a board meeting at the office, or buying groceries to replenish your daily needs.

Setting small goals is your baby steps to achieving bigger goals.

6. Be efficient

Tracking time can also train your mind to work smarter and faster, leading you to accomplish more things by the end of the day.

That’s why it’s important to have a timetable when you have a lot of things to do.

a man wearing a brown strap watch and a laptop

7. Do one task at a time

Just like what Mindset Mentor Rob Dial said in one of his podcasts, “There is no such thing as multitasking.”

Sure, you can complete all your tasks at once but your mind will never be fully focused with one and it can affect the outcome of your work. 

When completing a task, make sure to do it one at a time.

Learn how to focus your mind and energy into one thing. You will be surprised how fast you can finish it and how the results will be 10x better.

8. Practice the art of delegation

Ever heard that common phrase we’ve been hearing since we were younger?

No man is an island.

You can’t act all superhuman when trying to complete a task. Acknowledge that you will always need a hand, especially from people who have more expertise in certain things more than you do.

Practice the art of delegation and divide the tasks equally, especially when you’re working with a team.

You will be amazed how an act of collaboration not only makes the work speed up but that it will have priceless results as well.

 9. Figure out your peak hours

Figuring out your peak hours means identifying which part of the day are you most energetic and of course, which parts of the days you tend to slack off.

Invest your time in doing the most difficult task when your mind is at its peak, especially when you’re aiming for better results.

a pink flower, cup of coffee , a smartphone with time on it, and a note

10. Find out things that slowed down your works for the day and be ready tomorrow

No matter how much we want to be perfect, we will always have gray areas.

Don’t worry. You can always observe what works and what doesn’t for you. Keep track of the things that were factors for you to be distracted or somehow not complete a task as fast as you want to.

There is always room for improvement.

Make productivity a routine and accomplish more short and long term goals. Brewing yourself to become a millionaire isn’t that hard!

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