10 Ways to Cope with Stress at Work


Admit it, we’re all stressed out with work.

Catching up with deadlines, attending countless meetings, and catering to the never-ending demands of our bosses. You name it. 

All these things just pile up one on top of the other causing us to break down and feel like giving up.

But no, giving up is not the answer.

All you need is a little refresher to get you back on track. Now sit back, relax, and clear your mind because we’ve got you covered.

Here are some simple ways that can help you cope with stress.

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1. Make music your therapy

What better way to relax your mind than by listening to good music?

Put on a pair of good headphones or blast your speakers to its fullest volume and listen to your all-time favorites. 

Don’t be afraid to sing those tunes at the top of your lungs and release all that negative tension in your body.

A little karaoke night might just do the trick.

making music your therapy

2. Bond with your dog

Dogs are man’s best friend.

Hugging your dogs can release oxytocins or so-called happy hormones in our brain.

Cuddle with your dogs. Play with them. Teach them how to do tricks. I’m pretty sure spending time with your fluffy ones will put you in a better mood.

bonding with your dog

3. Spend time with friends

Sometimes all we need when we’re stressed is a good laugh.

That’s why friends exist.

Every once in a while, take a break from work and spare some time to catch up with your buddies from college or high school. 

You can go out to a party, watch a movie, or have a pajama party like you always used to.

Reminisce about the good times and laugh the stress away. 

spending time with friends

4. Read a book

Reading books can be your new stress reliever. 

As you read, you are calm and learning new fun facts and insights do not only take your mind off from stress but it can also help you look at things from a new perspective.

reading a book

5. Do your favorite hobby

As you take a break from the stress of work, take this time to regain your lost energy by doing something you’ve always loved doing.

It could be playing your favorite sort, doing calligraphy, or writing poetry. Our hobbies can become an outlet for us to release all the negative energy within our bodies.

6. Plan a vacation out of town

When you’re stressed, getting a change of environment can also help. 

Take a look at your calendar and plan a trip over the long weekend with your loved ones (or you can also go on a trip alone.)

You could travel to another country or somewhere near. It depends. 

Allow yourself to rest, rejuvenate, and take a breather from all the things that bother you.

7. Take a long drive

Going on an impromptu road trip can also be a great way to let go of stress. 

Take your mind off from work and allow it to wander off. Don’t think of anything else but the drive and the road ahead of you.

Take this as your quiet time where you can meditate in silence.

taking a lord drive

8. Write in a journal

When you’re too stressed from work, you can always let your frustrations out on a journal.

When you’re writing in a journal, you get to be free to express yourself in the form of writing. You are able to release all your thoughts without the pressure of what other people have to say.

The paper becomes your own secret space so don’t hesitate to express yourself.

9. Treat yourself

Working can’t always be just about earning money to pay the bills.

Sometimes, it pays to treat yourself. 

Go to a salon and get your hair done. Buy some new clothes or get those shoes you’ve always been checking out.

Don’t forget to spoil yourself, too.

treating yourself with food

10. Get some sleep

Last but not least, rest when stressed.

Sometimes, stress can be caused by a lack of sleep, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Take a breather when you must. Reboot and rest your mind.

For sure after a good rest, you’ll finally be back on track to hustle once again.

And above all else, the most important thing that you can do when you’re stressed is to think of happy thoughts and positivity so the stress can just melt away. 

getting some sleep
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