10 Ways To Give Yourself A Break


Whether it’s school, work, or life in general, everyone needs a break from their usual routine every once in a while.

Move away from whatever’s been keeping you busy or stressed out. Switch out your usual choice for something new. Spend time focusing on yourself.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are 10 ways on how you can give yourself a break. 

take a break

1. Take a day off. 

One day. Break away from your work for just one day and set aside time for yourself to relax and unwind. 

Maybe you could go see a movie or pamper yourself. Or if you’re too lazy to go out, you could stay at home and have a lazy day.

Get more sleep! If you do, you can greatly improve your health because the body repairs itself and restores energy when you are sleeping. 

2. Take a break from the internet – especially from social media. 

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. 

If you’re always on social media, you’re always going to see the negative stuff that people post, and too much negative energy will contribute to any stress that you’re feeling.

Take a social media detox and remove the negative energy from your system. 

Don’t think you can avoid the internet?

Go to pinterest instead, and look for munificent wealth. This account shares daily tips, affirmations and reminders!

social media

3. Drink tea. 

Take a break from the coffee and get yourself a nice cup of tea. 

Coffee will give you the energy to be productive and finish your work, but at the end of the day, you’re going to end up a bit more frazzled than you were yesterday. 

A nice cup of tea, whichever flavor you want, will calm down your nerves and help you relax. 

4. Spend a few moments in silence. 

The world is so full of noise that sometimes we forget about the beauty of the quiet. So every once in a while, find someplace away from the noise. Spend a few minutes in total silence and regain your calm center. 


5. Change your playlist. 

Find new songs that you haven’t heard of. If you need a reminder about taking a break, maybe you should listen to the song “Take A Break” from the revolutionary musical Hamilton: An American Musical. 


6. Go to someplace new. 

Work. Home. Work. Home. 

Just sitting down in an office all day and going home to the same apartment every day on end. It’s just exhausting. 

Give yourself a break from your usual scenery and explore something new. Leave town. Take a long drive. Visit the ocean and listen to the waves crash or go to the mountains and stare at the city lights. Travel and see amazing sights around the world. 

7. Procrastinate. 

Although constant productivity can help you keep moving forward so you can achieve your goals, it can also become counterproductive, especially if it affects your health and well-being. 

Sometimes, if you need to take a break, it’s okay to procrastinate. Put off your responsibilities for the time being and focus on spending time for yourself. 

8. Treat yourself. 

Saving for your future is important.

But treating yourself for a job well done is also essential. That’s why you should hold off on scrimping and penny-pinching, and start treating yourself. 

Give yourself the vacation that you deserve or buy that fancy new gadget that you’ve been dying to own. 

9. Eat something healthy. 

Been eating “junk” food lately? It’s time to let go of your unhealthy choices and start indulging in delicious, healthy meals. 

If you know how to cook, there are a lot of recipes all over the internet. But if not, there are plenty of places that can deliver healthy meals to your home.

10. Stop stressing.

Sometimes, the thing we need a break from the most is ourselves. We are the ones that bring negative energy into our lives by overthinking. We are the cause of our stress because we forget to take care of ourselves. 

Take a break from the negative thoughts and just relax. You will find that the simplest of actions can change your life, like spending time with friends or just being grateful. 

So if you find yourself in a repetitive cycle or if you’re too stressed out, remember to take a break. Taking a break won’t hinder your progress, it’ll help you grow. 

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