10 Ways To Know He’s Cheating On You


Life doesn’t always go the way you envision it. People, feelings, and plans change over time. The same thing goes with some relationships. As we all know, dealing with a breakup can be tough, but it’s even tougher when cheating is the root cause. Being a victim of deception makes you wonder where you went wrong and what signs you missed.

If you’re looking for indications that your boyfriend is cheating on you, then you can check out the following signs:

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1. He steps up on his appearance

The first sign of a cheating boyfriend is when he suddenly takes an interest in the way he looks. You might say it’s nothing, but when a guy wants to impress a new girl, he will try to look his best. It can be subtle things like a new haircut or dyeing his hair another color. 

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2. He starts to get too busy

Your boyfriend is cheating on you when he starts having night-outs with co-workers too often, or when he suddenly gets busy traveling business trips. If these are not his usual routine and you can’t contact him during those times, then he might be seeing someone new.

3. He no longer notices you

Despite your maximum effort to look your best, your partner doesn’t care about you anymore. Less intimacy and fewer attempts are starting to show.

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4. He is secretive with his phone

You begin to notice how he keeps his phone locked or how he secretly takes calls in the middle of the night. If you confront him to open his phone and he disagrees, he could be hiding something.

5. He starts acting distant

You know those times you used to spend together cuddling on the sofa? Now, you both sit on separate ends. You can no longer be with him emotionally, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. 

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6. He picks fights more often

Another visible sign is when your partner keeps picking a fight with you for the most nonsensical things. Most of the time, a guilty person wants you to feel like you are the problem. 

7. He starts going out without you

You are suddenly not invited to his friends or co-workers gathering when you used to go to them together. 

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8. He develops new hobbies

When your boyfriend starts to do rock climbing or skiing, and you are positive that he hates outdoor activities, then it’s pretty obvious he is trying to impress someone else.

9. He no longer cares

Your boyfriend stops caring if you go out wearing sexy clothes or doesn’t follow up on you when you go out to party. These standard traits suddenly disappear. 

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10. He has cheated before

More often than not— once a cheater, always a cheater. If he has done it with you before, there is no telling that he won’t do it again. 45% of previous cheaters are proven to cheat again in another relationship.


Those mentioned above are just a few of the many signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you. Always remember that your womanly instincts never fail. Always demand the truth and walk away when respect and love are no longer there.

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