10 Ways To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work


Nothing can ever defeat genuine love, not even distance.

Long-distance relationships can somehow be beautiful and tragic at the same time. It’s hard knowing and letting it all sink in how you’re miles away from the one you love (probably countries and oceans away.) But even if you can’t physically hold them, hug them tight, or even give the sweetest gentle kisses you’ve always wanted to, seeing them through your cellphone screen already feels like magic (well, at least for now.)

Having these limitations said, being in a long-distance relationship is quite challenging. But of course a little extra effort for anything can help make it work, don’t you think so?

Here are the top 10 things that can absolutely make the long-distance love come through.

10 ways to make long-distance relationships work

1. Communicate with your partner

Now that we’re currently living in the digital age, we’re lucky that communicating is now as easy as ABC.

Gone are the days when we had to write lengthy letters and send them via snail mail. Even the postman couldn’t help you if you needed to fix your relationship right after a fight would spark.

Talking to your partner is now a click away or even just a video chat away. May it be through Skype, Viber, or Messenger, all these social media platforms are vital when it comes to two hearts living far from each other. So use these platforms to your advantage, communicate with your partner all the time, and make sure they know what’s up with your life. Remember, communication is a two-way process that two people in a romantic relationship need to be mindful about. Whatever the other has to say should be well noted and heard, too. 

Good communication leads to understanding. And no matter the distance, both of you will easily come through when you talk things out well.

2. Compromise in disagreements

Fights can never be avoided. But even so, it is important to know that you can’t always fight fire with fire.

When the other one is too mad, the other one should be calm. When the other one is too anxious with heightened emotions, the other one should be the one to think about things properly and logically. Instead of fighting with each other, fix the problem and fight for each other.

3. Celebrate milestones

Celebrating monthsaries and anniversaries? Well, of course, that’s not only for couples physically together.

Even when far away, never forget to celebrate milestones. It may be anything under the sun. May it be birthdays, getting promoted at work, or any good news that’s worth the celebration, always take part in making your partner feel extra special.

Send out a bouquet of roses, conspire with your partner’s best friend and plan for a surprise, send them an e-card, write them poetry, edit a video with quick snippets of you as a couple. All these gestures, may they be big or small, will definitely shower lots of love to the love of your life.

4. Always be honest

Being far away from each other is difficult enough already. With this, honestly will always still be the best policy.

Make sure you both get to talk things out well. Inform them of your whereabouts, make them know when you’re sad or hurt. And trust me, you and your partner will get to understand each other even more.

5. Be sensitive to your partner’s needs and feelings

Just like the weather, we all get gloomy sometimes.

Be sensitive to your partner’s needs and feelings. Always make sure you know when they are sad or down. For all you know, you are the sole person they are waiting for to brighten their day once again. Even when they’re far away, always make them feel that you care and are available 24/7 to help them throughout their dark days.

6. Continue doing the sweet gestures

Kissing or hugging may be hard but sweet gestures were never limited to just the physical touches.

Never stop sending them sweet messages. Play them a song when they sleep, create a playlist dedicated to them on Spotify, or you can even do the silliest things while on video chat just to make them smile. 

Or how about, sending them creative gifts? Who says gifts were only for special occasions? 

7. Never call it a day without resolving an argument

A rule you and your partner should never forget would definitely be sleeping with an unresolved fight.

Aside from being toxic and unhealthy, sleeping with a heavy heart makes you wake up with a heavy heart as well. Being away is already hard enough and that is why prolonged fights should always be avoided.

8. Be involved in your partner’s day to day routine

Make your partner feel like you’re there the whole time. Know their daily routine and know about their day-to-day whereabouts. It might seem stalker-ish but this helps you keep updated with how your partner is, what keeps them busy, and the like. And of course, it helps you follow through with their future life plans (where you definitely want to be part of, too.)

9. If possible, avoid not talking to each other

When the going gets tough and the fights get tougher, we sometimes choose to not talk at all.

But no, this never helps. It will only place both of you in a state of madness. Rather than just dropping calls, how about you stop and pause, and tell your partner in the kindest way how you both need a cool down first.

But never resort to dropping calls and not communicating for hours (or even days.) You can’t stand the person you love the most for that long, can you?

10. Always extend your patience. 

Always make sure to stretch out your patience. If possible, there should be no limit to it at all.

Being well aware of all the disadvantages that can be brought about by a long-distance relationship will help us understand what it calls for – patience. Being patient in releasing your temper, in understanding their downfall sometimes, and of course, in the waiting game – until you can finally hold them in your arms once again.

And out of all these things, you will realize that in that waiting game, all will be worth it in the end.

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