A little black dress is every girl’s must-have clothing item. An LBD or little black dress is a staple piece that will go with anything for any occasion. You can dress up with it or dress down on your lazy days. Mix and match it with a lot of accents to create a new look every time. 

Here are ten creative ways to spice up your LBD:

1. Oversized necklace

You can complement the simplicity of a little black dress with a colorful accessory. Using a bold item like an oversized necklace with a pop of color or statement earrings will help you level up your LBD in an instant. 

a lady in black dress wearing gold necklace, pair of earrings, and a bracelet

2. Printed scarf

If you’re in a rush for a brunch date with girls or out for a meeting, adding a printed scarf will complete your look right away. You can also opt for a bright-colored scarf if you’re feeling a little extra.

a lady wearing scarf

3. Dramatic belt

A dramatic or statement belt will instantly make you look like a walking fashionista. Investing in a cute belt will surely add that oomph factor. It’s a very chic look that takes little effort.

a lady in black dress wearing red belt

4. Denim jacket

A classic denim jacket will give you a relaxed, street style vibe. The denim ensemble will be an excellent airport outfit or when the weather’s a little too chilly. When choosing the perfect denim jacket, make sure it fits you just right, enough for you to move your arms around.

a lady wearing denim jacket

5. Leather jacket

You can never go wrong with leather. Pairing your little black dress with a leather jacket will instantly make you look like a badass lass with a great sense of fashion. 

a lady wearing leather jacket

6. Boots

Don’t you love pairing your LBDs with boots? The fun thing about this staple look is you can choose from ankle boots, thigh-high boots, combat boots, and many more. You can also get creative with the colors.

a lady in black dress, sitting on the door post wearing boots

7. Corporate blazer

LBDs can be office wear too! Find a perfect fitted blazer, and you’re ready to face the day. Be inventive with the colors by collecting blazers from all sorts of colors and style— you could be wearing one single black dress all week, and no one will notice!

a lady wearing corporate blazer

8. Sneakers

Wearing your LBD with sneakers is equal parts of fashion and comfort. You can pull off this look at any time of the day. The great thing about black is you can pair it with sneakers in all colors! You can go crazy with neon or stick with monochrome. It’s all up to you.

a lady in black dress wearing sneakers

9. Flannels

There are many different ways to wear a flannel and pairing it with your little black dress is one of them! You can either tie them together in front or let it hang low. This look will give you an edgy vibe.

a lady wearing flannel shirt and holding a flower

10. Black tights/Stockings

Think winter fashion, but stylish. Adding a pair of sheer or thick stockings will make you look picture ready when you travel. Gear up with all black clothes and you can transform into a high fashion guru.

Which LBD upgrade do you want to do?

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