10 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work


Are you bummed at work lately?

Do you find no reason to get to work on time? Do you wake up every morning feeling directionless? Are you getting tired of what you’re doing for a living?

These are signs that you’re losing motivation. 

How can you solve this dilemma? 

Let’s find out with these 10 awesome ways that can keep you motivated while you hustle!

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1. Plan out what to do for the day

As soon as you step inside the office, sit down and create a to-do-list for the day. You can even create your personal Gantt chart to make sure that you have a specific timeline and schedule to follow. 

This too can help you become more efficient with your day-to-day workload.

planning out what to do for the day

2. Take down notes

Your mind can’t store all the information you receive in one go.

This is where taking down notes comes in. 

You can take note of the important things using the traditional pen and paper or through the use of a notes application on your phone. 

Keeping your notes will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything, especially when instructions are given to you while you are in the middle of doing something. 

3. Build relationships

Just because you are at work doesn’t mean that you don’t have time to mingle and socialize, right?

To keep your workdays extra interesting, make sure to make friends around the office.

Good company will take you a long way and will give you a sense of belongingness, too.

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4. Wear something nice

Dress to impress.

Wearing something nice doesn’t only help you exude confidence, but it also helps to put you in a good mood and bring you good vibes the entire day!

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5. Organize your desk

No one can ever work well in a cluttered area.

Always make sure your desk is neat and clean. 

Having an organized desk helps you think and gain clarity to make better decisions at work.

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6. Put a personal touch to your work area

Even at work, you can always bring along your style!

Add a personal touch to your desk. 

You can put pictures of your family members, create a color-coded system for all your folders, or just add figurines of your favorite cartoon characters.

7. Observe your superiors

Sometimes, you have to allow yourself to be the dumbest person in the room.

That way, you can put yourself in the position of learning through observation.

As you observe your superiors, look at how they execute tasks and make important decisions.

You’ll be surprised to know how much you want to be like them someday.

8. Work with passion

Don’t just do things for the sake of doing it. Work with passion. 

Always remember that besides just working for a company, you are actually pushing your limits and training yourself to become better and excel in your career.

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9. Learn from your mistakes

Never be afraid of committing mistakes.

When we commit mistakes, we learn from them, but we shouldn’t dwell on them for too long. 

The real lesson here is to remember that everyone makes mistakes and these are mistakes that we can avoid making in the future if we have already learned from them. 

10. Remember why you started

When you lose your motivation to work, always make sure to remember why you started.

Getting drained and bummed out at work is a given. With all the stress and the problems that we handle from day to day, it’s impossible not to get fed up with it at some point. 

But all we have to do is exert extra effort into finding that fire in us to not only keep us motivated while working but to also become genuinely happy.

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