10 Ways To Survive Long Flights


Do you find it hard getting through long flights?

Truth be told, traveling is fun. BUT, it’s the long flights that kill you. 

Nothing to do, little to no legroom, and no privacy. What could be worse?

Sitting there for hours makes you want to walk to your destination instead if it were possible.

But hey, it’s not the end of the world buddy. You can always survive your long haul flights with these awesome tips!

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1. Wear comfortable clothes

One reason people feel uneasy during long flights are uncomfortable clothes.

As much as possible, make sure you choose free-flowing and loose clothes. Although your choice of clothing depends on the climate of the country you are about to visit, it pays to be dressed in clothes that will help you move freely (and of course, sleep properly.)

2. Bring earplugs

Privacy is not an option when on-board an aircraft, especially when you choose economy seats. (I mean, we can’t all have rich daddies who can upgrade our tickets to first-class, right?)

To avoid getting grumpy, bring along earplugs and enjoy your quiet time. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

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3. Load up your devices

Unless the plane you’re on has a great selection of in-flight movies, you better make sure your gadgets are fully charged.

Before your trip, make sure to download your favorite movies so you can go through your flight without dying of boredom. 

You can even do some last-minute work stuff on the plane before you disconnect from the whole world during your trip.

4. Bring a neck pillow

If your airline doesn’t provide free pillows, then you should definitely bring your own. 

Hours of sitting down in the same position can give you tense muscles (stiff necks, back pains, etc.) Neck pillows can help you feel relaxed while on board.

Catch up on some sleep on the plane and make sure you have a great one!

5. Read a book

Gain new insights and fun facts while on board.

Don’t hesitate to exercise your mind. Tease your brain cells and learn something new. Reading a book doesn’t only stall time and keep you away from boredom.

It also helps you widen your knowledge (and become extra smart too.)

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6. Make friends

You can’t survive 15 hours straight without talking to anyone, besides the flight attendants, can you?

Be nice and make new friends. How about talking to the person next to you? 

Strike up a conversation about where they’re headed and why they’re headed there. Or you could talk about anything under the sun. 

Surprisingly, you might just find your next BFF!

7. Choose a good seat

Aisle or window seat? 

The window seat is arguably the best in the house because of the great view but some people prefer the aisle seat with long flights in case they need to use the restroom. 

Choosing a good seat helps you be comfortable throughout the whole trip and of course be at your best disposition even before you land in your next destination!

So before you come aboard, make sure you choose the best seat for you.

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8. Bring your headphones

Music can make us feel relaxed.

That’s why you should never forget to bring your headphones. And you should get ones with a noise-canceling feature in case you’re on the plane with crying babies and noisy toddlers. 

9. Bring your flight kit

During a long flight, always make sure you’ve got all the basic things you need.

Tag along with you your toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, and facial wash) to make sure you always feel fresh. Also, don’t forget to bring moisturizer and chapstick to make sure your skin and lips are always moisturized.

10. Add a stopover

The best way to save yourself from a long flight is to try to avoid it. Add a stopover in your itinerary.

You don’t want to be in one flight for 23 hours straight, don’t you? Save yourself from the stress and add a quick stop to your trip.

And while waiting for the next flight, you can enjoy the beauty of the country where you’re in a layover.

Being on long flights isn’t as bad as they seem. For as long as you’ve made smart plans ahead of time, then I bet you have it all figured out. 

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