10 Ways to Utilize Your Condominium Space


Condo living is becoming a new trend for young professionals. 

But aside from being close to the city, living in a space you can easily control is convenient no matter the size.

Speaking of size, do you know that you can make your condo ten times more spacious than it already is?

Check out these easy steps to know how!

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1. Use solid colors for walls.

The color of your wall can help widen your condominium’s space so choose wisely.

Using lighter tones visually helps space expand. Lighter colors also help reflect more sunlight rather than darker colors.

More light gives you that extra open feeling!

2. Install wall cabinets.

Placing your cabinets on the wall can free up space inside your condominium unit so you can have more space to move around. 

brown wall cabinets and kitchen counter

3. Choose your furniture wisely.

You should remember that one of the most important aspects of setting up your condominium is your choice of furniture.

Make sure it’s not too big and bulky so you can save space for other things. But you should also make sure you don’t sacrifice the aesthetic of your condominium.

4. Go minimal. 

The best way to add more space to your condominium is going for a minimal look. The style itself makes your condominium more spacious, without having to sacrifice your condo’s elegance and style.

minimal design of table and chair on white background

5. Keep your space as tidy as possible.

Condo living isn’t an exception when it comes to keeping our home tidy. 

Always make sure that your space is clean. You can make this happen by categorizing all your things according to its use and putting it in one area.

Not only does it make your condominium organized, but it also makes space look bigger.

6. Use natural light as much as possible.

Natural light can make your condominium feel more airy and spacious. With light, you don’t feel like the walls are closing in on you.

It makes your space look larger, illuminates the structure of your condo, and makes it feel more alive. 

So make sure you have enough windows that can bring natural light into your condo. 

leaves and ceramic teapot by the window white panels getting natural light

7. Use a lot of mirrors. 

Mirrors can create an illusion that you have a larger space. 

They also reflect more natural and artificial light into your condo which will brighten up your condo and give off an illusion of a much bigger space. 

8. Use creative storage for dead spaces.

Using dead storage spaces at home like unused spaces under stairs, cornered walls, and even spaces near ceilings are a good way to maximize your condominium’s space.

You can be as creative as you want to! Build your DIY shelves. You can install overhead storages and floating shelves to display your items without having to eat up your floor space.

You can even go vertical and install wall-to-ceiling storages to add more depth to your room. 

wall-mounted shelf with boxes and book on red background

9. Use dual-purpose furniture.

Every inch of space counts when living in a condominium.

Save space by using dual-purpose furniture. 

You can use your headboard in your bedroom area as a working desk, your floating shelves as multi-purpose tables, use your dresser as a nightstand, and your dining area can also be your workspace.

Using foldable items can be great space savers too!

10. Emphasize vertical dimensions.

In designing your bedroom space, do not limit yourself to horizontal dimensions.

Effectively turn your smaller space bigger by emphasizing on the vertical visual aspect.

Ceiling to floor window drapes and tower-high shelves can help you achieve this.

Do these things and enjoy your lifestyle ten times more!

room with indoor plant and rank with clothes, hat and, shoes
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