Thanksgiving Dinner is a celebration that people take seriously, and being a host means dressing your part. Make sure you’re not too overdressed or underdressed to keep your guests comfortable. 

Here are some ideas you can apply as the dinner host:

1.Velvet Dress

Nothing screams elegance like a beautiful velvet dress for Thanksgiving dinner. If you plan on having a formal dinner theme, then bring out your best velvet dress to enjoy a sumptuous meal and champagne. You can even set a motif or color so that all of your guests will dress up, as well.

velvet dress

2.Denim Jumpsuit

If you’re planning a simple family gathering, you can do well with a denim jumpsuit. Dressing up made easy with this denim jumpsuit that is one-and-done. You can even pair it with a contrasting color turtleneck and ankle boots to finish the look.

denim jumpsuit

3. Glam Leggings

Leggings are very easy to wear and style. Find glam leggings made of sequins or leather fabric to get into the festive feels. You can pair it up with a plain top so you won’t go overboard. Don’t forget your large accessories like an oversized belt or necklace.

glam leggings

4. Blazer and jeans

You can dress casually in your favorite denim jeans, plain shirt and style it with a sharp blazer to keep it casual. Pair it with some heels or boots to polish your look without looking too formal.

blazers and jeans

5. Skater or bodycon dresses

You can never go wrong with the good old bodycon or skater skirts. Spice up your old dress by pairing it with a fancy accessory or accent belt. Wearing a dress during parties will instantly glam up your look without trying too hard.

skater or bodycon dresses

6. Pleated midi-skirt

Elegance meets style, and a pleated skirt can be a great outfit choice for Thanksgiving dinner. Bring out your feminine side by choosing a neutral color skirt and pastel top. You can wear boots or slip-on heels to complete your look.

pleated mini-skirt

7. Tunic

If you want to wear minimal pieces that can be easily put on and remove, wear tunics. They add a flair of dressiness and femininity without going over the top. 


8. Suit

Give your look an update by wearing coordinated suits with boots or sneakers to achieve street style look instead of office wear. Have fun with the colors and style, but make sure you pick the right size of blazer so you can comfortably move your arms around while you entertain your guests.


9. Printed Skirt

If you have a dull collection of monotones and neutral-colored tops, you can pair it when a high-waisted printed skirt. Go crazy with bold colored patterns and wild prints, but be sure to balance your look with a plain white or black shirt and heels.

printed skirt

10. Casual Sweater

If you’re only planning a casual dinner, get together with friends, then this look is perfect for you. Find the cutest, comfiest, and cozy sweater you have and pair it with denim jeans or skirts.

brown and black casual sweater

Which outfit are you planning to wear this Thanksgiving?

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