December is here, and the most anticipated Holiday is coming. It’s time to get the ornaments and lights out of storage. Christmas is considered to be the best time to adorn your house with exciting things. Among all the decors in the house, the Christmas tree is the main star. It should blend in with the other decorations, and also stand out, at the same time.

Here are ten Christmas tree looks you should try for this season:

1. Use different-colored scarves

One of the most cost-effective ways of decorating your Christmas tree is by using worn-out materials like scarves. If you have a lot of torn scarves, you can use these on your Christmas tree. You can use these scarves as exaggerated accents and colorful additions to your tree.

different colored scarves on a tree

2. Neutral-colored ornaments and cloth

Christmas trees don’t have to be so red and green. You can use nature themes like tan, light brown, ochre, or white. Add snowflakes and ribbons for more accents. These neutral colors will work well with red and green decorations in the background.

light colored ornaments and cloth

3. Pastel-colored flowers and lights

Your tree doesn’t have to be huge to look fabulous. If you have a particularly small Christmas tree, you can cover it with pastel-colored roses, flowers, and ribbons. Add LED lights to create a fairy tale effect. This kind of tree would look great with minimalist living rooms.

white, grey and gold colored flowers and balls

4. Oversized ornaments with vibrant red and green colors

If you’re feeling extra this season, you can use oversized decorations on your Christmas tree. You can make use of old toys instead of buying new ones. If you have unusually large presents, then you can also add them as accents to your tree.

oversized ornaments with letters on a tree

5. Snowy theme with white sculptures

White Christmas themes are timeless, and you can replicate that on your tree for this year. Create a snowy effect with white-colored wreaths and polar bear sculptures. You can add oversized snowflakes and silver balls for added accents.

white sculptures of bears on a white tree

6. Accent with an oversized stuffed toy

You might want to lay low on the decorations this year and be more minimalist. You can accent your simple tree with a giant stuffed teddy bear.

oversized stuffed toys  on a tree

7. White and blue theme

You might want a unique idea for this year’s Christmas tree. You can go for a white and blue color scheme instead of the usual red, green and white.

blue and white decorations on a tree

8. Accent with oversized letters

Christmas is a time to spread positivity and good cheer. You might want to decorate your Christmas tree with short three or 4-lettered words like JOY, LOVE, or HOPE.

giant letters on a tree

9. Snowman Christmas tree

A snowman is a big part of the Yuletide celebration. If you’re in a place with no snow, you can turn your Christmas tree into a snowman.

a white statue made of cloth

10. Multi-colored gradient ornaments

You might be feeling the holiday spirit, and you want to create a rainbow or unicorn effect. If you have a bunch of similar-colored decorations, you can group them and form a gradient.

multi-colored gradient balls on a tree

What Christmas tree look are you trying this year?

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