How To Submit Content

Toppick10 is a blog where you can find the top information about the TOP 10 things of just about anything we think is important to you.

If you are interested to write for Toppick10, read the guidelines below to make your content more suitable for our blog and for our users.

Guidelines For Guest Posting At Toppick10

1. Your content should not be copied from any on-line source. It should be unique and well-written.

2. Make sure your content is relevant to our blog (basically the Top 10 of anything).

3. Your content must provide truthful information that may help our users with their lives.

4. Post length should be at least 370 words.

4. Avoid keyword stuffing just for SEO purposes. The main goal of our blog is to provide value to our users, so please submit high-quality content only.

Once your content follows our guidelines, please feel free to contact us by our official mail id: with proper proof of your claim or content respectively.

Note: your content may be edited by us after proofreading it. We’ll also include some images if you don’t have any.