There’s nothing quite like a sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner with the entire family, and making sure everyone is in the mood for festivities relies on the music you play while dining.

Here are the top 10 anthems you can play while bonding over dinner:

1.What a Wonderful World

By Louis Armstrong

This song is a classic that all generations will love and relate. It’s a beautiful piece to play while you enjoy your meal with friends and family. The lyrics will make you realize what a wonderful world we live in, indeed.

snowy mountains with "What a wonderful world" text

2. But for the Grace of God

By Keith Urban

This song talks about God’s grace and wisdom. It will relate to everyone as you look back through all the blessings you’ve received throughout the entire year.

a girl stretching her hands up with "But for the Grace of God" text

3. A Moment Like This

By Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson sure knows how to make great Thanksgiving songs. This anthem will remind you how lucky you are to have lived another year with your friends and family.

a gathering of people with "A moment like this" text

4. Blessed

By Martina McBride

This hit in 2001 talks about Martina’s blessings she received in her life. It would be great music to tune while you enjoy dinner and think about the things you are grateful for.

A girl facing the ocean with her hands up high and with the text "Blessed"

5. I Could Not Ask for More

By Sara Evans

The lyrics and melody of this song will help set the mood for everyone and will make you feel more thankful for life and live in the moment. Of course, you could always ask for more food after!

A close up shot of wheat plant with "I could not ask for more" text

6. Thankful

By Kelly Clarkson

Another Kelly Clarkson rendition that your guests will love because who doesn’t love her? The title says it all with a piece perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. You can play it while preparing the dinner, and even while you’re eating.

A girl praying outside with "Thankful" text

7. I’m Alive

By Willie Nelson

Just being able to live another day is already a great blessing we should be thankful for. Beautiful life and excellent health are two of the greatest gifts to receive in this world. We should take time to be grateful for being alive and spending quality time with your family during Thanksgiving.

A girl in white dress looking up high with text "I'm Alive"

8. Thankful

By Celine Dion

The beautiful diva also has her version of Thankful, and she’s got soul pouring out of this song. The melody will touch everyone’s soul while eating turkey over dinner. 

A hand raising up with "Thankful" text

9. Cooking Up Something Good

By Marc DeMarco

You can tune up on this song while you’re preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. This hit has a mellow vibe that will take off a bit of your stress and worries that will make you enjoy the rest of the evening with your guests.

A hand holding a pot with food with text "Cooking Up Something Good"

10. Thankful For

By Adam Sanders

This song is a beautiful ballad that encourages you to wake up feeling grateful and count on the blessings you have received throughout the year. Make a list of things and the people you are thankful for, and don’t let the night end without letting them know how you feel. It will be a remarkable Thanksgiving dinner.

A girl facing the ocean with text "Thankful For"

What song are you playing during Thanksgiving?

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