A blog or weblog is a collection of written logs published online. One of the best ways to monetize your blog is to write within a niche. It will serve as the central theme of your website. You can use these specific niches for affiliate marketing or selling.

Here are the top 10 money-making blogging niches:

1. Handicrafts and Sewing

Handicraft is still in demand, even with the rise of technology. That’s because there haven’t been technological alternatives for beautifully-crafted and sewn dresses. If you have a high-definition camera and a knack for handicrafts, you should consider this niche.

sewing materials on a table

2. Fitness and Health

People want to know how to maintain a healthy body or get a fit physique. There’s high demand because everyone will always ask for input on health and fitness.

a girl doing excercise

3. Home Decor

Home decor blogs are in high need, especially on visual-heavy platforms. Most of the people online want fresh ideas on how to make their house more lovely.

old home decors

4. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is an excellent niche for a blog as it is relevant to all audiences. It is the kind of blog that can tackle different topics. It is a way for you to gain income, as well as help people find their lifestyle.

a lady in a yellow dress smiling

5. Parenting

There is no road map to great parenting, which is why these kinds of blogs are in demand. It is profitable as there are many people nowadays who seek to learn new ideas and tips on how to be a parent, whether they are young parents just starting or parents that want to read more about other parents’ experiences.

a mother teaching her child to write

6. Quitting Smoking

Smoking is one of the most harmful habits known to man, causing various lung problems like asthma and lung cancer. The big issue about smoking is that it not only affects the person smoking but the other people and the environment, as well. Blogs that talk about how they can quit smoking are popular because people want to stop that kind of habit.

a burnt out cigarette

7. Gardening

Flowers and plants are beautiful additions to your front and back yard. Gardening blogs are popular because people would love to have new ideas on how to deal with their gardens.

a hand holding a plant with soil

8. Travel

Because of the growing interest in traveling, people have been viewing those kinds of blogs more often. One of the best ways to create travel blogs is to feature local places that are familiar to you.

a girl sitting on a small boat

9. DIY or Do it Yourself

These days people want to read about blogs that give them access to how to do things by themselves to save costs. People want to learn how to enhance ideas and do things their way creatively. 

light bulbs with plant inside

10. Technology

The digital age has introduced a lot of new devices, products, and concepts. Technology blogs are in demand because people often want to read more about that topic. You can monetize by promoting products and devices or writing reviews on popular smartphones.

a girl wearing a device

Which blog niche are you going to create?

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