Christmas is the perfect time to eat and be merry. There are often multiple celebrations during the Holidays, and you can never run out of excuses to cook. If you want to impress your guests, you can take an existing family secret and modify it into your own, or you can search for various food that you can make all year round. 

Here are some of the food you can make for Christmas, and on other occasions:

1. Creative Chocolate Bark

One of the most versatile desserts you can make is chocolate bark. You can make a chocolate bark recipe with various toppings for all occasions. During Christmas, you can use peppermint or crushed candy cane as the topping; during Valentine’s day, you can use heart-shaped candy or M&Ms.

rectangular-shape chocolate bars with different toppings

2. Cranberry Pull-Apart Bread

Pull-apart bread is flavorful and easy to make. This cranberry pull-apart bread recipe topped with orange and cream cheese is great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even regular school days.

a hand pulling up a piece of cranberry bread

3. Cranberry and Sweet Potato Scones

Scones go perfectly with just about any drink. You can make this cranberry and sweet potato scones recipe with orange butter and molasses on Christmas morning, and it’s also perfect for other occasions.

triangular shaped bread in a wooden bowl with sackcloth

4. Sweet and Spicy Pecans

Pecans go great with any wine and meat. If you’re looking for something simple and easy to prepare, check out this spicy-sweet pecan recipe for your Christmas dinner and other events.

cooked pecans

5. Bacon Bow Tie Crackers

This list wouldn’t be complete without bacon. You can create this crackers and bacon bowtie recipe for any cocktail or gathering. This appetizer would be great on Christmas morning, and tea parties.

bacon bow tie crackers

6. Holiday Crinkles

Chocolate crinkle is an excellent dessert regardless of the season. The Christmas holiday crinkles recipe makes use of red and green coloring to add to its decorative value. If you’re making it for other occasions, then you can modify the colors accordingly.

stacks of red colored crinkles

7. Stained Glass Colored Cookies

Cookies are timeless and flavorful. If you want to put a unique twist on your Christmas cookies, then you can make this stained glass colored cookies recipe. This kind of dessert is excellent all year round, and its look can also be adjusted to fit any occasion like Halloween, Valentine’s day, and birthdays.

stained glass colored cookies

8. Cinnamon Roll Pops

The classic cinnamon roll is a popular snack. This Christmas, you can make this Holiday cinnamon roll pops recipe with your family and friends. It’s a bite-sized alternative to the standard roll.

cinnamon roll pops with stick handle

9. Christmas Cookie Fudge

A cookie fudge is a great dessert to have when you’re out of preparation ideas. This Christmas cookie fudge recipe is suitable for afternoon snacks, regardless of the season.

stacks of cookie fudge with colored sprinkles

10. DIY Wine Gummies

Gummies are chewy candies that people like to eat. If you’re an adult that wants to eat an alcoholic chewable, then you can try this DIY drunken gummies recipe on your next adult Christmas party. Who knows? You might even get recognition for your delicious treats.

gummy bears in a red bowl

Which holiday recipe are you excited to cook all year?

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