TOP 10 Colors Used In Marketing To “Trick” You Into Buying

Do you ever wonder why ads pop out on your newsfeed? 

What about an “add to cart” button? Do you want to know why you feel compelled to click it?

One of the biggest factors why these things happen is color.

In this article, you will learn the TOP 10 colors companies use in marketing to make people buy their products.

top 10 colors used in marketing to "trick" you into buying

1. RED

Red is the color of energy and passion. This is the color that motivates us to take action.

If you haven’t noticed already, most online stores have been using this color for their “Add To Cart” or “Purchase Now” buttons. If you’ve ever felt compelled to click on the button, then this is most likely the reason why.

2 example businesses known worldwide that use this color are Coca-Cola because it strengthens appetite and Youtube because it makes people want to click on the videos.


Orange is a super attractive color. It relates to ‘gut feeling’ or instincts and catches the eye in an instant.

Orange brings spontaneity and optimism that is why it’s a great color to use for marketing (e.g. Nickelodeon) because it helps us look on the bright side (not feeling guilt after buying something.)


The color green is the color of money, harmony, and fertility or growth. This color makes people calm and more decisive.

Most businesses about fitness, environment and food (e.g. Starbucks) use the color green because it speaks about their type of brand, and self-reliance and desire for the consumers.


The blue color is mentally soothing. It is reliable, secure and stable.

Most businesses use this color for their “guarantees”, trust certifications, product features and all other areas of their business where they want or need their customers’ trust.


Just like the orange color, yellow also promotes optimism and cheerfulness.

This color is used by a lot of businesses like IKEA and Ferrari because the people who are most likely going to buy their products are celebrating something (e.g. first home, BIG raise, etc.)

For small businesses, this color is used because it draws in impulse buyers and window shoppers.


Pink represents silliness, unconditional love and femininity. 

Most female brands like Victoria’s Secret use this color because their “target market” are women. They also use this color together with black to bring attention to certain details.



The color purple represents luxury, power and spirituality. 

This color is used by businesses that sell luxurious-looking items because of its association with richness, quality and nobility. However, only a few use this color because it also represents anxiety and frustration.


This is the color of stability, reliability and structure just like trees. 

Brown is often used by businesses selling natural products and food. And just like blue, it also encourages security, comfort and trust.


Black is the color of power, confidence and elegance. 

If the background is a lighter color (e.g. white, pink, yellow) black is used as the text color because it’s easy to read. 

When you look at most websites, like the color red, you often see this color as the color of the buttons because it adds emphasis to it.



The color white represents purity/innocence, cleanliness, and peace. It is often used as the background for websites and products. 

Like the color black, this color gives emphasis to its contrast luring people in to take a look.


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