The holidays will give you a lot of time to reflect on this year and travel to places you’ve never been to. Christmas is as good as an excuse to book that flight to a country you’ve always wanted to visit. If you’re planning to have a family vacation during that festive season, you should go and explore the different offerings from Santa villages and Christmas markets to holiday traditions.

Here are the top destinations for Christmas travel:

1. Lapland, Finland

The capital city, Rovaniemi, snows for half of the year that makes it the perfect landscape for Christmas scenes. Its main attraction is the Santa Claus village that holds exhibitions on the tradition and spirit of Santa Claus and Christmas. If you’re looking for Santa’s workshop, you should pay a visit to Lapland.

an old man in red costume riding in a sleigh with a white deer

2. Aachen, Germany

During Christmas, festivities fill the Town Hall and Catherdral areas of Aachen. Throughout the Holidays, there are kiosks of delicacies such as Potato fritters, Christmas treats, and Printen. If you love food, you should go there for an unforgettable culinary experience!

an old man with a cane looking at a circus

3. Tallinn, Estonia

Annual Christmas celebrations have promoted Tallinn as one of the most treasured and cheerful Christmas markets around. There are traditional delicacies, handcrafted products, and mini zoos. If you’re looking for a pleasant shopping experience, you should try Tallinn.

a top view of a market with lots of people

4. Budapest, Hungary

There are two areas you might want to visit in Hungary during Christmas, the Winter Festival in Vörösmarty Square and the Budapest Christmas Fair. If you’re a food lover, you will enjoy their Holiday fairs.

a top view of a town with snowy rooftops and lights

5. Paris, France

Paris has always been an epitome of advanced culinary, fashion, and art cultures. During the Holidays, the Paris Christmas market is a must-see. There are Christmas art products, decorations, and food. If you’re interested to see a fascinating Holiday bazaar, you should consider visiting Paris during the season.

a snowy street with a lady facing a giant tower

6. Valletta, Malta

Malta Christmas is all about visiting nativity scenes or presepju (Christmas crib). The residents proudly showcase their interpretation of the classic decor. There are carolers and Christmas presentations in downtown Valletta. If you’re looking for a lovely Christmas experience, you should go to Malta!

a street with lots of people and hanging structure of lights

7. Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland has 13 Yuletide Lads or scruffy Santas that allegedly bring presents to pleasant kids for the 13 nights leading to Christmas. Aside from their Holiday myth, there’s the Yule Town Christmas market that showcases rows of small huts. If you want to experience a unique Christmas culture, you should visit Iceland.

A tall tower with a cross on top

8. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

In San Miguel de Allende, their Christmas celebration is a mixture of solemnity and joyfulness. Until the 24th of December, you might stumble across Joseph and Mary, re-enacting their journey through the streets looking for shelter. If you’re looking for a unique holiday experience, then take a trip to Mexico.

a tall building with a cross on top

9. Honolulu, Hawaii

Tropical Hawaii may seem like a weird choice, but it has merit. Hawaii has a beach-loving Santa Claus, a 20-feet tall, Shaka Santa. There are also celebration centers throughout Honolulu City Lights. If you want a tropical Christmas experience, you can go to Hawaii.

a tall tree wrapped with lights and colorful designs

10. Quebec City, Canada

Canada has transformed Old Quebec into a beautiful Christmas village during the Holidays. There is a German Christmas market, and there are also other winter activities nearby that you can enjoy.

a street full of snow and decors

Which Christmas travel destination are you going for the Holidays?

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