Top 10 Foods You Should Avoid to Lose Weight


Fitness has always been the name of the game.

But no matter what we do, sometimes it’s a bit challenging to face this dreaded reality we all have to figure out – how to lose weight. But hey, there’s always that light at the end of the tunnel, right? A ton of discipline and self-control will always take us a long way.

Have you finally decided to be in good shape? Planning to lose all those calories? Then here are the top 10 food you should avoid to lose weight.

top 10 foods you should avoid to lose weight

1. Coffee

Is it another coffee break? Are you and your friends planning to catch up again and hang out in that nearby coffee shop? Well, think again.

It is a fact how coffee can boost your metabolism, especially how it contains active substances, such as caffeine. However, it can also bring out negative effects especially when ingredients, such as sugar and artificial creamers, are added into it. These kinds of coffee contain a high amount of calories therefore, there isn’t much of a difference from sodas.

Let’s stick to black coffee, shall we?


2. Pizza

Netflix and pizza – just like “Netflix and chill” – have always been one of the best food combinations but what if I tell you how unhealthy pizza is?

Pizza is a popular fast food and we know what that means. It contains too many processed ingredients that are definitely bad for your health.


3. Ice cream

Nothing can ever solve a heartache better than ice cream but somehow it can make your road to fitness a bit shady as it is high in calories and loaded with too much sugar. 

I wonder how long enough you should stay on the treadmill just to burn a pint of rocky road ice cream.

ice cream

4. Beer

A beer night with friends is always a good night but of course, everything is good in moderation. Heavy drinking has always been synonymous with weight gain.


5. Cakes, cookies, and pastries

Refined flour and a huge amount of sugar have always been the main component of cakes, cookies, and pastries. These may also contain artificial trans fat that may cause harm to the body and be linked to a lot of diseases such as diabetes. 

cakes, cookies, pastries

6. Fruit Juices

Want to buy a lot of fruit juice boxes from the grocery store? Well, think again. These fruit juices are far different from the natural juices from the real fruits.

They contain loads of sugar, are highly processed and are no different from sodas. Also, due to the preservatives and processes it undergoes, it likely contains no fiber at all.

How about some real fruits instead?

fruit juices

7. Candy Bars

Can you imagine packs of sugar, added oil, and refined flour all wrapped into one? Well, you just got yourself a candy bar.

High in calories and low in nutrients, a single candy bar can already add 200-300 calories to your weight. Now slow down on the munching people.

Looking for a quick snack? Opt for crackers and nuts instead.

candy bars

8. White Bread

Bread for a snack or your main meals is always good but it always pays to stick to wheat.

White bread is highly refined and contains a lot of sugar. According to scientific research, white bread is high on the glycemic index and can spike blood sugar.

white bread

9. Drinks with Sugar

Drinks high in sugar such as soda beverages are one of the unhealthiest junk foods on the planet. Excess in consumption is associated with weight gain and disastrous effects on health.

Planning to lose weight? It’s about time to drop soda completely.


10. French Fries

You can never go wrong with french fries but these snacks, just like potato chips contain too much salt, calories. Even baked, roasted, or fried potatoes contain cancerous substances called acrylamides. 

Craving for a potato party? Opt for healthy food – keep em’ boiled.


Always strive to be healthy, eat brain-boosting foods instead! 🙂

Finally, a good jump-start to the world of fitness.

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