People often look forward to receiving gifts during the company holiday parties. Those parties are some of the few times that you can meet and greet some of your fellow employees with tidings and good cheer.

Here are the top ten gift ideas that you can give to your office mates this holiday:

1. Mason Jar Garden

If you’re looking for a gift that is sure to be suitable for all genders and environment-friendly, this Mason Jar Garden is perfect for you. With this, you can easily make this on your own with these simple items such as soil, mason jar, and a small plant that can fit perfectly well with the mason jar. 

clear glass mason jar with plants inside

2. Amazon Echo dot

If you’re looking for a fresh speaker, you can give Amazon Echo Dot. The advantage of it being small as well is that you can quickly bring it along with you on trips with your friends. 

round shape speaker

3. 2020 City Maps Wall Calendar

2020 City Maps Wall Calendar is a great gift to remind the receiver that this upcoming new year, they should motivate themselves to travel around and get out of their comfort zone.

city map wall calendar

4. Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

Savvy infusion water bottle naturally gives you your very own fruit-flavored infused water, as well as iced tea, juice, and lemonade. It’s also an easy way for someone who’s always on the go to make detoxifying drinks for themselves. 

water bottle with fruits inside

5. Moodycards

Moodycards, this one is perfect for someone you might know that wants to express themselves uniquely. They can do whatever they want on the card and be sassy about it; it’s a fun and creative way of expressing one’s self.

photo collage of a hand writing on cards

6. Wooden Desk Accessory Holder

You can never go wrong with a cute wooden desk accessory holder, custom made, and very pleasing in the eyes. It’s perfect for people that always like to keep their stuff neatly.

wooden desk accessory holder with pens

7. Desktop Golf

A game of cute mini desktop golf is a lovely gift idea for people that love golf but can’t always go out due to their hectic schedule. It’s fun, and it also de-stresses the person to receive such a well put and well-thought gift.

mini-sized golf

8. Colored Pens

If you’re planning to give something to someone who you know loves art, then colored pens are just the perfect thing for them. They can use it wherever and whenever they want, and it makes them think you’re a thoughtful person who knows what they like.

pens in different color

9. Planner

As an adult, you’d want all your schedules to be in place. You wouldn’t want one plan to fall on the same day and end up canceling one of them, would you? A planner is one of the best gifts you can give to an adult co-worker since it’ll help them keep their nitty schedule intact and set properly.

productivity planner

10. Luggage Tags

If the person you’re giving a present to is a traveler, then a simple luggage tag won’t be so bad to give. It’ll remind them of you as they travel around, and it’ll also help them tell those who aren’t allowed to touch their bags to keep off as well. 

luggage tags

Which gifts are you giving to your office mates this Christmas season?

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