The new year is fast approaching and New Year’s Eve is a widely-celebrated event filled with food and fireworks. If you’re planning on going out of town, why not experience how other countries celebrate NYE?

Here are some of the best places to be on New Year’s Eve:

1. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia, is one of the very first cities to greet the New Year at midnight because of their timezone. They have a ritual of a spectacular fireworks display that you can see on the Sydney Harbour with the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge providing a marvelous backdrop.

fireworks on a bridge

2. Paris, France

Paris is a romantic place for you to spend your New Year with your loved ones. The city is exceptionally well-illuminated during the holiday seasons. As they count down during New Year’s Eve, they fill the lighted streets with spectacular fireworks. 

fireworks behind a tower

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is mostly known for its soccer competitiveness and beautiful tropics. During the New Year, the Copacabana Beach on Rio illuminates with thousands of fireworks. 

fireworks beside the bay

4. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan, has a unique way of celebrating. Some people go out and party, but in Tokyo, they have a ritual called Joya No Kane; it means a Sacred New Year’s Bell ringing. After feasting, some locals head to their temple to perform the Joya No Kane. They believe that they should ring the giant bell 108 times, a number symbolizing the sins to which the flesh is heir.

fireworks display in the city

5. London, England

Locals from London and tourists from all over the world visit Big Ben during New Year’s Eve to celebrate a grand countdown to midnight. Just before the clock hits 12, the area illuminates with a fantastic light show, and as London welcomes the new year, hundreds of fireworks erupt in the night sky.

overview of the city with buildings and car

6. Bangkok, Thailand

From the glitzy Thonglor district to the backpacker-haven of Khao San Road, everyone comes together to celebrate the new year. Central World Square is where crowds of several hundred thousand gather for a spectacular light show, live concert, and the dramatic countdown to midnight.

fireworks display

7. Dubai, UAE

The extravagant Dubai city located on the prosperous country of United Arab Emirates within the middle east has its particular way of welcoming the New Year as they hold one of the spectacular fireworks to of from one of their sky rising buildings.

fireworks display

8. Moscow, Russia

Once again this year, Moscow will host its ever-popular Red Square Party. As they hold ice skating, music, and fireworks to be displayed during midnight as thousands participate in this traditional ritual, especially on their iconic winter sports.

fireworks display

9. New York, USA

New York holds one of the biggest New Years celebration, as hundreds of thousands gather in Time Square as the illuminating screens show a dramatic countdown to midnight before the night sky lights up with thousands of fireworks. It is perfect for couples to spend this evening at this majestic place.

fireworks over a bridge

10. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas lights up their whole city as New Year’s Eve approaches. A large crowd of tourists come to this marvelous night to celebrate NYE, not only do they offer a spectacular fireworks show, but they also have their spectacular Fremont to show off.

city with buildings and tower

Where will you be on New Year’s Eve?

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