Top 10 Karaoke Songs That NEVER Get Old


“Old but gold.” 👌

If you’re a true karaoke fanatic (who hogs the mic whenever you’re out with family or friends), then you know that there are classic karaoke songs that never go out of style, no matter how old they get.  

I’ve searched far and wide to compile this list and believe it or not, there are A LOT of classics. But these are THE TOP 10 of all the classic karaoke songs. 

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the top 10 karaoke songs that NEVER get old. 

Top 10 Karaoke Songs That NEVER Get Old

1. I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys

Released in 1999, this hit song became everyone’s favorite song to listen to on the radio or sing at karaoke places. 

It became so iconic, that it became a part of one of Brooklyn 99’s most memorable cold opens. 

Even though this song’s already 2 decades old, people still love to sing and dance to this hit! 

Meghan Trainor and the rest of the audience of ABC’s Greatest Hits can prove how iconic this song really is. 

No karaoke session is complete without you belting out the words, “I want it that way.” So if you’re out with some friends, this song is one you definitely cannot miss out on!

Relive the 90s by listening to this iconic song on Spotify.  

2. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Karaoke is not karaoke without Queen!

Admit it! You’ve sung this song countless of times even if all you knew was, “Mama, just killed a man.”

And because they just released the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, more and more people are starting to bring Queen songs back into karaoke bars. (As if they weren’t popular enough already!)

With this masterpiece, sing your heart out and rock your head to its contagious beat

3. Africa by Toto


The 80s were a great time for music. When this song came out, it was an instant hit and according to the Rolling Stone, this song just appeared everywhere in 2018. It was even a part of the Stranger Things official soundtrack. (If you didn’t know, that show is all about the 80s.)

But even though the majority of people (myself included) can’t reach the high notes in the chorus, this song is still a major hit at karaoke. 

Can you hit the high notes? 

4. Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi

Most people love this song because of the meaning behind it, but if you just wanna rock out and scream your lungs out, then this song is the perfect one for you. 

And this song became even more popular when someone tweeted a meme of an iguana on a mini beach lounger with the caption that read, “Woah we’re halfway there. Wo-oah Lizard on a chair!” 

5. Say My Name by Destiny’s Child

Do I even have to tell you why this song is on this list? It’s Destiny’s Child. Before Beyonce became the queen we all know today, she was part of the iconic trio.

And this anthem is for all you ladies out there who got a good-for-nothing man! So if you need to call out your man, why not sing it instead?

6. Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler

Who says you can’t have too many break up songs? 

Your significant other might have had a total eclipse of the heart but this song will always be there for you in times of sadness and emotional instability. 

And this song is always a favorite during Karaoke. Even Bonnie Tyler herself says so. 

So scream your lungs out and let your feelings go with this classic!

7. Hey Ya! by Outkast

Karaoke isn’t just about singing. It’s about having fun and dancing to the beat of the song and what better song to dance to then “Hey Ya!” by Outkast? As soon as the lyrics go, “Shake it like a polaroid picture,” you won’t stop singing and dancing until the song is over. But did you know that you aren’t supposed to shake polaroid pictures

8. Wonderwall by Oasis

Not gonna lie, but the first time I heard this song was a cover by One Direction and after that, it became one of my go-to karaoke songs. It’s a simple song with beautiful lyrics. 

“I said maybe you’re gonna be the one that saves me. And after all, you’re my Wonderwall.”

But despite its beautiful lyrics, here are a few things you didn’t know about Wonderwall. 

If you haven’t heard of this song yet, go and listen to it!

9. Dancing Queen by ABBA

If you’ve seen the movie Mamma Mia!, then you know the quintessential music of ABBA. This 70s Swedish pop group has released dozens of top hits to add to their legacy, a few of which include “Mamma Mia” and “Lay All Your Love On Me.” 

With this song in your queue, you can dance, you can jive, and have the time of your life!

10. Closing Time by Semisonic

At last, we are at the end of our list!

Ah, closing time. This song isn’t just about the last call at a bar, it’s about new beginnings. 

And this song is such a memorable song for me because it helped two friends (with benefits) find their way back to each other after a devastating fight. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, then you should probably watch the movie and give their song a listen, too. 

Top 10 Karaoke Songs That NEVER Get Old

And that’s it, folks! Gather up your jackets and move it to the exits. I hope you enjoyed this list of the top 10 Karaoke songs that NEVER get old. So, the next time your friends are down for karaoke, you’re ready for one heck of a karaoke session!

Top 10 Karaoke Songs That NEVER Get Old
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