New Year brings in a new cheer. One of the most anticipated dinner celebrations is coming, and it helps to know what kind of food we should be serving.

Here are the food products that are said to bring luck in the new year:

1. Cornbread

Cornbread, people believe that eating cornbread during New Year’s evening is a way to ensure good luck. They say because it’s color resembles gold, some people even add corn kernels so that it’d look like a golden nugget. 

slices of yellow bread in a glass plate

2. Grapes

People believe that grapes can bring good luck. It’s a tradition and a superstition that started in Spain. They say you have to toss them in the air and catch them in your mouth. Twelve grapes represent the 12 months in a year each as you eat them you make a wish, they say that it brings you good luck for the upcoming New Year. 

hands of a guy holding ripe fruits

3. Pork

People believe that if you eat pork, this New Year, it brings you good luck and good fortune in the coming months. They think that because the pigs root forward, it gives you the right direction towards your New Year.

raw meat on a wooden board with vegetables around it

4. Fish

Chinese have a tradition and a superstition of eating fish during New Year’s Eve. They believe that saving the other part of the fish for dining later ensures a symbolic abundance for the future. 

sliced fishes on a wooden chopping board with slices of yellow fruit

5. Dumplings

Within the Chinese tradition, they believe that consuming dumplings on New Year’s Eve means you are welcoming the new fortune for the upcoming year, the more dumplings you eat, the more wealth and money you will be in store for you this new year. 

dumplings dishes

6. Orange

Mandarin orange is said to be good luck for this new year. They say because the Chinese word for mandarin is Kam, it sounds similar to gold, therefore having mandarin orange in your household at new year is said to bring abundance in fortune into your life.  

slices of oranges in a white table

7. Beans

This tradition started in the Southern United States as always insist on preparing a meal that consists of black beans since they believe that it brings good fortune. It also helps avoid making the same mistakes you did this year unto the coming months ahead. 

beans in different colors in a wooden bowl

8. Soba noodle

Want to start a fresh new year? Japanese tradition urges you to eat Soba Noodle Soup; this is a tradition called Toshikoshi Soba. It’s a Japanese made noodle that is said to melt away the bumps you’ve had this year, and it is also a way to welcome the coming months’ journey ahead. 

soba noodle in a bowl with pair of chopstick

9. Cake

Nian Gao, a Chinese cake. Nian Gao in Chinese sounds like Year High, which could potentially symbolize as a chance to get a higher income, a promotion in your job, good health, and growth for your children, and they say it could also mean a promise to a better start. Eat it during New Year because it is a great way to start your new journey these coming months.

brown cake

10. Pomegranate

Pomegranates, They say it represents good luck for so many reasons, one of them is because of the color red. It somehow embodies the heart, good health, and fertility. The rounds seeds are a representation of prosperity, everything that everyone is most likely to hope for this coming new year. A new start. 

sliced red fuit

What food traditions do your family have?

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