The smartphone is one of the most useful and essential tools that we use daily. Each new phone is better, faster, and smaller than the last. If you’re someone who wants to earn money regardless of where you are, this list is for you.

Here are the top ten money-making things you can do on your mobile phone:

1. Accomplish simple tasks (Swagbucks)

Swagbucks is an app available to both iOS and Android. It offers free coupons, gift cards, and other rewards for a variety of tasks. Each Swagbuck is equal to one cent; therefore, 100 Swagbucks is equivalent to a dollar. To payout with Paypal, you need at least 2,500 Swagbucks or $25 worth of rewards.

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2. Sell clothes (Poshmark, Depop)

Nowadays, it’s hard to sell items without the right platform, and it’s also expensive to search for a stall to sell your products. Depop and Poshmark are apps that let you showcase fashion, whether you want to buy, sell, or inspire. These are available to both Android and iOS devices.

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3. Play games (Bananatic)

You can earn by playing any of the listed titles or even referring friends. If you’re a fan of games in general, you’ll love Bananatic. It’s an app that’s available on both iOS and Android. You can cash out on Paypal with a minimum of $5 or 2,500 bananas.

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4. Rewards for shopping (Shopkick and Ibotta)

If you’re a big fan of eCommerce, you’ve probably heard of cashback from apps. A cashback app allows you to earn rewards and money from your online purchases. You can install Shopkick or Ibotta; both are available for iOS and Android.

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5. Take pictures of receipts (Receipt Hog and Receipt Pal)

You can scan photos of receipts for cash with certain apps. Receipt Pal and Receipt Hog are some of the more popular apps available on both iOS and Android.

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6. Answer surveys (Google Opinion Rewards and Surveys on the Go)

The Google Opinion Rewards and Surveys on the Go are apps that reward you for answering various surveys. These applications are accessible on both iOS and Android; however, they may not be available to some countries outside of the United States.

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7. Test websites (UserTesting)

If you have a lot of free time, and you want to make the Internet a better place, you can be a website tester through the UserTesting app. You get paid to find out possible customer issues on a company’s website.

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8. Read emails (InboxDollars)

InboxDollars offers money for a variety of tasks including, but not limited to, reading emails. It has a minimum threshold of $30 for Paypal cashouts.

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9. Take photographs (Clashot)

The Clashot app pays you every time someone buys your photos. If you’re the type who travels a lot, then you can potentially earn a few bucks from selling your photographs.

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10. Create a Youtube channel

Youtube is one of the most popular ways to make money online. The good news is that you can create a Youtube channel as long as you have a device to record, edit, and upload videos with.

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Which money-making app are you trying on your phone?

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