Top 10 Must-Try Bizarre Restaurants in the World


Anyone up for an eccentric dining experience? I know I am!

Food has always been a universal language. Other than plainly being in the level of our so-called needs, it has finally gone out of its shell and penetrated the want zone. Aside from just completing the goal of filling up our hungry stomachs, food has now taken the role of offering pleasurable feelings especially for the foodies out there who buy for the experience itself.

If you’re up for the challenge of a tasty ride with novelty at its best, here are the top 10 must-try bizarre restaurants in the world you shouldn’t miss out on.

top 10 must-try bizarre restaurants in the world

1. O.NOIR (Toronto, Canada)

The darkness never tasted this good.

Situated in Toronto Canada, O.NOIR puts a little twist for its customer’s dining experience. Out of the ordinary, O.NOIR offers you sweet satisfaction in the dark. Guests are welcomed in a lit bar where they are to place their orders. After which, the server brings the customers to an unlit dining room for a two-hour service. The crew begins with explaining to the customers where utensils and other paraphernalia is on the table.

To see is to believe (or not). 

So how about giving it a go and trying it for yourselves?

2. The Bubble Room (Captiva Island, Florida)

Already up and serving since 1979 with only a small room as an eatery, The Bubble Room is now a multi-themed restaurant occupying all three levels of the establishment.

Moving trains are found on all floors where the staff is called bubble scouts. Only music from the 1930s and 1940s are played in this restaurant accompanied by its pastel-themed venue creating a hallucinatory-like experience.

It’s like taking a train back to the good old classics. A perfect time to relive and make your vintage heart come alive.

3. De Kas (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

I mean like, how good is a hand-picked meal?

Literally freshly handpicked, De Kas restaurant in Amsterdam offers a menu selection with the freshest ingredients possible. At an old greenhouse converted by Michelin Star Chef Gert Jan Hageman into a restaurant and a nursery, customers are given the chance to be served with dishes made from Mediterranean vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers which were grown and harvested in the restaurant’s field at sunrise on the same dining day.

4. Modern Toilet (Taipei City, Taiwan)

Looks like toilet bowls have a different purpose then?

Odd as it may sound, the Modern Toilet in Taipei started with only serving chocolate ice cream in toilet-shaped containers until they emerged into a full-fledged bathroom eatery. 

Come and sit like royalty in non-working toilets where all meals start where they should have ended (in toilets).

5. Safe House- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Have a bit of an addiction for all those action shows with the CIA? I bet this one would make your cut.

This Midwestern U.S restaurant is a spy-themed restaurant where everything is based on the real definition of a safe house. Which means, the restaurant gives you that CIA vibes where intelligent organizations are conducting its operations in relative security. 

And on top of that, there is definitely no signs or ads for this restaurant. In Wisconsin, this restaurant is basically nowhere to be found and has to be searched for (make sure you know the secret password for you to enter, too.)

6. Cat Cafe Nekorobi (Tokyo, Japan)

You know that good feeling you get when you watch those cat videos? Well, it’s going to be even better because you can finally chill out with them while you sit your hot coffee!

Situated in Tokyo, Nekorob, this cafe is the place to hang out with your crew of the feline kind. As you enter its glass doors, your fur buddies jump out of nowhere and pounce on you. It also has vending machines that offer you a variety of beverages such as coffee, milk tea, and instant miso soup. Once visited in the evening, you can get a chance to witness the cats feast and their glass food bowls.

What are you waiting for? It’s the purr-fect time to unleash the cat lover within you!


7. Redwoods Treehouse (Warkworth, New Zealand)

Built in 2008, Redwoods Treehouse is a pod-shaped structure which is over 32 feet. The guests can access the venue through an elevated treetop walkway built in the area. 

Starving? A good climb before your meal will surely pay off.

8. Dinner in the Sky (Montreal, Canada)

If you’re looking for the thrill and the adrenaline then this place is the one for you.

Originally from Belgium, the concept of this high-altitude restaurant is to strap the guests in dining chairs about 160 feet up in the air. Dinner in the sky has your meals, tables, staff, and everything you need for a great dining experience (except the ground beneath your feet).

9. Ninja New York (New York City, USA)

Level-up your sushi and sake experience with ninja waiters serving you doing all the ninja tricks you can possibly imagine. 

Created to have the aesthetics of a 15th-century Japanese feudal village with dark nooks and passageways, you will definitely get to dine among stealthy warriors with their ninja service as you enjoy your meals.

10. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Rangali Island, Maldives)

I’m guessing you don’t have to turn into the little mermaid to enjoy dinner under the sea?

Located in Conrad Maldives, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is an intimate underwater restaurant 16 feet below sea level. With a sitting capacity of 14 people, its menu contains gourmet dishes and fresh seafood. 

The best thing about this restaurant is its 270-degree panoramic view of sea creatures swimming in Maldives’s waters from its transparent acrylic roof. 

How cool is that? Knowing there is beauty in the strange and of course, a tasty course. But the question remains- how bizarre are you willing to go for your food adventure?

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